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Best Travel Video Ideas to Inspire You

Making videos when you travel has become a significant trend. While some make videos to post on social media, others do so just for the sake of memories. While capturing the raw footage is the preliminary step, editing those clips is necessary to create a complete video.

Have you considered filming your travels for a YouTube channel? Whether or not you want to become a trip video YouTuber, there are a lot of great video ideas out there. One of the most popular methods to revisit old experiences and express your enthusiasm for travel is to make travel films. A video editor may be an excellent tool for capturing the sheer love you have for travel.

Luckily for you, we have curated a guide to help you with professional ideas for making travel videos. Apart from that, we have listed three top video trimmer-cum-editor tools you can use to produce professional travel videos.

To curate the best possible travel videos, here are some professional ideas that you can try out next time.

Understand the Aesthetics

Travel video editing is a skill. There are many aesthetic angles involved in a travel video that will not come to you automatically. In that case, you need to take that knowledge from other travel videos. Only then would you learn and be able to add those unique elements to make your video seem professional.

Find a Suitable Style

When shooting a travel video, you need to identify a suitable style depending on the context. If you are going to use the footage for vlogging, you have to focus on angles, frames, shades, and much more. However, if you are shooting the video only as a way to remember your holiday, you can be free with your style. Nevertheless, whatever style you choose, consistency is critical.

Tell a Story

Every time you shoot and edit a video, try to tell a story through it. This helps create audience engagement. Remember that it is challenging to premeditate stories for your travel videos; you need to be on your toes at all times to capture all the essential shots. A structured video including intro, body, and outro is vital to tell an exciting story.

Have a Plan to Take Shots

This needs to be predetermined. Before taking out your camera and randomly shooting everything, decide on the shots you want to take. Accordingly, select the right angles and movement methods, and think about how to stitch everything together. Having a plan or a structure before you start shooting will help you capture the right moments and avoid unnecessary ones. This way, you can create an engaging travel video.

Shoot in Landscape Mode

While shooting in portrait mode might look good on phone screens, that is not the case with camera and computer screens. In portrait mode, a lot of important video content is lost. Besides covering a considerably larger frame, landscape mode gives you more scope for editing. Stretching becomes easier, and viewers get a clearer and broader view of your content.

Shooting in 60 FPS is the Best Option

FPS, which stands for frames per second, takes care of the smoothness of a video. When you are shooting a travel video, the smoother it is, the better. While dealing with FPS needs you to be a professional, you can start early. Videographers’ primary mistake is using the default setting of 24 FPS. Change this to 60 FPS, which gives you the result in 1080p HD. In this mode, videos are exceptionally smooth to watch.

Make the Transitions Count

Stitching the whole video together is by far the most nerve-wracking job. Determining the appropriate linking elements is quite a challenge. You would want to keep a travel video as cinematic as possible using an online video cutter to trim the unnecessary parts.

A good rule of thumb to tackle this problem is selecting two clips at a time. This will allow you to decide their interconnecting transition. Creating the video step by step would make it easy to handle.

Find the Best Sections of Your Videos

Once you’ve finished shooting, go over each shot one by one and look for the best moments. This will help you link the many scenes in your film. This is a crucial part of the video-editing process. It doesn’t matter how loosely your ideas are weaved together; by being consistent and producing fascinating stuff throughout, you can ensure that your final output is coherent. In the field of video and filmmaking, there is a plethora of advice on how to arrange your shots. You may learn a lot about video editing by surfing the internet for helpful information.

You can also take a cinematic approach to travel video editing by asking yourself questions such as: What kind of music would make a good background? Which audio mixing method do I prefer? What are the expectations of my target audience in terms of the final product? By answering these questions, you’ll be better equipped to deliver what your audience wants.

Capture the Golden Hour

Capturing the sunrise or sunset—also called the golden hour—can enhance any travel video or vlog. However, your video can have any time as the golden hour when the sun is up and shining bright. This provides an adequate amount of light and shade that makes the whole video look aesthetic. Capture this moment for the perfect shot with appropriate lighting to catch viewers’ attention.

Wrapping up

Now that you have a professional guide to edit your travel videos alongside a list of the best travel video editors, you can jump straight in. Whether for general use or vlogging, you can use these ideas to create the best travel videos.

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