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Common Mini Militia issues, Problems and how to fix them

Mini-Militia is a 2D shooting game which offers you plenty of eye-catching features. This game is hugely popular among all age groups and people love to expand their hours in the gameplay of Mini Militia. But there are certain issues which occur at the time of playing. If you are facing such issues and want to fix them then you are in right place. Here I will describe the solution of most common issues of mini militia.

Mini militia problems and ways to fix them
Common Mini Militia issues and how to fix them

Mini militia problems and ways to fix them

Although there are numerous issues while playing but I have the most frequent issues so take a look below and learn how to solve them.

Problem: Slow and lagging performance

While you play mini militia and you notice that it is going to slow and don’t performing well then you have to navigate to the internal memory of your device. You have to clear some space of your SD card for better performance.

Problem: Unfortunately stopped working

When we download any app it can be deranged and shows such type of issues. The best way to fix it to reinstall the application. Or other reason can be that you didn’t install the update for that application so you have to update for fixing the problem. Installing from third-party apps can be another reason so you must install from the genuine sites.

Problem: Mini militia is not installing

If you want to enjoy this game then you must have android 3.0 or higher for smooth performance. You must have the knowledge of compatible android versions for installing the different mod files of Mini militia. If you have the lower version then you can’t run it on your device.

Problem: Game hangs in multiplayer mode

Many times when you play Mini Militia you have observed that the player is hovering in the mid-air and you are unable to kill and after few seconds you both will die. The root cause behind it the slower internet connection. You just need constant data of 20~KBPS to play it.

Problems: Connection lost, login issues, player not found

Many times you notice that connection has lost or you didn’t find the player then you have to reset the app preference. For it you have to follow these steps:

  • Initially move to the settings of your device
  • Now scroll down the installed apps
  • Then you have to click on More.
  • Here you find Reset app preferences, click on it.
  • Finally, click on Rest apps.

Problem: General issues

Cache is the data which your device receives from the apps for fruitful functioning. Many times due to the modification in the Android operating system these files can be amoral. So this can create problems, you have to clear the cache of your device. For removing the cache and junk files there are certain apps available but you can also do so with below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly move to the settings
  • Then all apps
  • Situate all tab
  • Now find the Mini militia in the list
  • Finally, click on clear cache

Factory Data reset (final solution)

As time passes your Android operating system may tend to different problems like crush, become slower so we have a solid solution to fix all these issues. Factory resetting will enhance the performance of your smartphone and you will take the maximum enjoyment of Mini militia game.

Make sure before factory reset you must take a backup of your data because during factory reset all your data will vanish. Follow these steps for factory reset:

  • Navigate to the setting
  • Then move to personal and after it back up and reset
  • Insert your password if necessary
  • Please confirm system restore is enabled
  • Then click on factory reset and reset your phone
  • Again you will be asked for a password or pin
  • You have to press delete all
  • Finally, choose reboot and your phone is ready for a better performance to play Mini militia.

Final verdict

Folks’ as I have mentioned earlier that there are numerous issues with Mini militia but I couldn’t give you the solution for all in one article. If you have any issue which I didn’t define then comments below. We will try to give an instant reply. If you have enjoyed the article please share it with your close ones. For more updates stay connected.

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