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EdgeNext CDN Review: An Edge Cloud Service Provider Built for Global Expansion

EdgeNext is a global edge cloud service provider specializing in APAC, China, MEA, and Global CDN services. Powered by more than 1300 PoPs globally and years of cloud industry service experience, EdgeNext helps businesses expand globally and ensure they can deliver a fast, seamless, secure viewing experience to their target audiences worldwide.

EdgeNext strives to provide an effective solution tailored to customers’ needs; therefore, it offers highly customizable solutions, a wide variety of features, and flexible pricing to help support customers’ plans.

More Than Just CDN

EdgeNext has continuously worked toward new ideas and creative solutions to provide industry-leading client services. Therefore, on top of the advanced features of the CDN solution, EdgeNext also provides Cloud Security Solutions (WAF, Anti-DDoS, DNS Security) along with Edge Nodes Services, which include Edge Cloud Servers and Bare Metal Servers.

EdgeNext CDN Features

Proprietary Performance Optimization

  • TCP optimization improves connection and service availability
  • Static file compression reduces traffic levels and delivery costs
  • Dynamic URL parameter interpretation increases the cache hit ratio and delivery efficiency

Instant & Smart Cache Management

  • Instant purging of cache in a matter of seconds
  • Increased cache efficiency and delivery improvement by pre-caching content on CDN edge nodes
  • Supports customizable cache rulesets

Access Control

  • Dynamic visitor identification, along with IP allow/block lists help prevent referrer hot-linking
  • Provides support for advanced token-authenticated URLs to prevent the redistribution of assets to unauthorized users
  • Support for fully customizable access rulesets that meet business needs

Origin-Pull Management

  • Support for multi-origin load balancing strategies, such as primary/secondary, polling, and weighting – to help reduce origin load and improve origin and service availability
  • Support of HTTPS connections back to the origin, achieving full-link security acceleration

Why EdgeNext

In this highly competitive industry, there are multiple areas where EdgeNext stands out from others and plays an irreplaceable role in clients’ fast-growing journey.

Extensive Network Resources

With over 1300 nodes globally, EdgeNext’s network resources cover 250+ cities interconnected via over 100 ISPs. Its extensive network connects users to the closest edge node achieving optimal user experience and ensuring they enjoy a seamless, fast, and secure experience.

Comprehensive Features & Scalable Network Architecture

EdgeNext’s loosely coupled CDN modularized platform accommodates the unique requirements of clients of all sizes. Features such as access control, origin control, and cache management ensure stable operations and rapid response.

Real-Time Intelligent Routing

EdgeNext dynamically determines the most optimal network route by detecting real-time connection status within the network. The ever-evolving, highly accurate IP database intelligently routes connections and ensures quality network performance and availability.

Stable Services

With its extensive edge cloud network, EdgeNext’s bandwidth capacity easily handles traffic surges. Features such as protocol optimization, pre-caching, multi-level caching, and website snapshots ensure a highly stable, efficient network.

Highly Customizable Solutions with Competitive Pricing

EdgeNext allows clients to quickly add or remove features to build an effective solution tailored to their needs.

24/7 Technical Pro Support

EdgeNext truly values customer relationships and satisfaction. Therefore, it has 24/7 bilingual technical professional support online through multiple channels to provide instant response and efficient problem-solving solutions.

Security with EdgeNext

Security CDN builds upon EdgeNext’s content delivery network, deploying security measures to global edge nodes. This combination gives customers a comprehensive, secure content delivery service that provides both acceleration and essential security for their web applications.

  • DDoS Protection: Leveraging EdgeNext’s global edge nodes, integrated CDN, WAF, and resource-sharing DDoS protection services. Effectively prevent SYN Flood, ACK flood, TCP flood, and other traffic attacks to ensure business stability and continuity.
  • CC Protection: Comprehensive protection based on the CC Intelligent Protection Engine, with a threat intelligence database and customized access control policies, EdgeNext can quickly identify and block CC attacks and prevent system overload.
  • Access Control: Supporting multi-condition filtering by setting URL, IP, Referer, Region, UA, and other fields, combined with business scenario logic.
  • Acceleration: Supporting advanced caching, hierarchical cache purging, cache sharing, dynamic acceleration, HTTPS acceleration, HTTP2 acceleration, smart compression, and optimization for routing, search engines, and WEBP images.

EdgeNext Help & Support

Excellent 24/7 multilingual customer support with rapid response times using multiple channels: portal tickets, email, WhatsApp, Skype, Wecom, Telegram…etc.

Pros & Cons


  • Extensive network infrastructure in APAC, China, and MEA, along with global cross-border experience. Significant performance improvement for companies that are expanding their international businesses
  • Cloud-native security and expertise in local regulations and compliance
  • Highly customizable, scalable, and reliable CDN service with fast, consistent, and secure global private network inclusive of smart caching technologies
  • Excellent 24/7 multilingual customer support with rapid response times and supported SLAs
  • Free security CDN plan available


  • No free CDN plan, but it offers a free trial to validate its benefit.


Best for global market expansion

EdgeNext is one of the fastest and most reliable edge cloud service providers, specializing in CDN delivery to China, APAC, and the EMEA regions. Leveraging more than 1300 points of presence worldwide, EdgeNext ensures its clients deliver their target audiences a highly performant, uninterrupted digital experience. EdgeNext CDN service, with its regional expertise, is especially beneficial if you plan to expand businesses globally or require a Multi-CDN strategy to prevent degraded performance or outages from your primary CDN. EdgeNext can also help to deliver overflow traffic that your primary CDN cannot support during high traffic volume.

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