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Is Filehorse Safe? 6 Safer Alternatives to FileHorse


When it comes to PCs, downloading software from third-party platforms has become extremely essential as well as commonplace

Today there are dozens of websites you can use to download Windows applications for free.

One such site is Filehorse, well-known for its large collection of free software.

You might have come across Filehorse when browsing for a Windows application.

So, it leads us to this crucial question: “Is Filehorse Safe?”

That’s why in this post, I’ll explore how trustworthy and safe Filehorse is for you to use..

What is Filehorse?

Filehorse is a website that provides a wide variety of free software and applications for users to download. It’s known for its user-friendly layout, making it easy for people to search and find the software they need. The site offers software for various platforms like Windows and macOS.

Filehorse’s main function is to provide a one-stop platform where users can access many popular software titles without visiting multiple websites.

Advantages of using Filehorse

  1. Free access to software: Filehorse offers access to numerous free software titles for Windows and macOS, making it a favorite go-to destination for users who want to avoid the hassle of searching each software’s official website.
  2. Tailored search: The website categorizes the software into easily understandable groups, such as productivity, security, and entertainment, making it easier for users to find what they need.
  3. Reliable source: Unlike some other platforms, Filehorse has built a reputation for being a trusted source to download software without the risk of viruses or malware.
  4. Fast downloads: The website boasts a smooth and fast downloading experience without irritating pop-up ads or redirecting to additional pages.
  5. Regular updates: The platform frequently updates its software inventory, enabling users to download the most current versions of the applications available.

How Filehorse Potentially Harms Your Device and Data?

While Filehorse provides a wide assortment of software for downloading, there are potential risks that could harm your device or compromise your data. Here’s how that could happen:

  1. Malware Threats: Sometimes software might unintentionally house malicious code, or malware. If downloaded and installed, the malware becomes active and can engage in damaging activities. This may include:
    • Viruses are harmful codes that can copy themselves to spread to other files or systems.
    • Trojans, appear harmless but can enable cyber crooks to spy on you, steal sensitive data, or create a backdoor for access to your system.
    • Spyware, which might secretly monitor your activities and collect personal information without your consent.
  2. Adware: When software is ad-supported, it may continually display advertisements once it’s installed. While not directly harmful to the system, this can be disruptive. Furthermore, some adware can trace your browsing behavior, leading to privacy issues.
  3. Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs): These are often bundled with the downloaded software. They might not be harmful but can degrade performance by taking up resources, triggering annoying behaviors like pop-up ads, or altering your browsing settings.
  4. Privacy Breaches: Some software may request unjustified permissions or collect excessive data. For instance, an application might ask for access to your location, contacts, or personal files. This can pave the way for privacy breaches if the data is misused or collected unnecessarily.

It’s worth noting that Filehorse strives to provide safe downloads and doesn’t intentionally distribute harmful files.

However, you should remain vigilant due to the inherent risks that come with downloading any files from the internet. Always use trusted antivirus software, and ensure your firewall is active.

Also, only provide personal information or permissions when it’s absolutely necessary and from trusted software.

Is Filehorse Safe?

Filehorse Reviews
Filehorse Reviews

Whether Filehorse is safe, depends heavily on individual user experiences and the software being downloaded. Here’s an analysis based on the user reviews and potential issues associated with it:

  1. Positive Aspects: Many users have had a positive experience using Filehorse. They found the website user-friendly, offering a wide array and up-to-date versions of software. The platform is generally considered legit, and not intentionally harmful.
  2. Potential Threats: However, there have been reports of users encountering issues such as potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), adware, and malware after downloading from Filehorse. Some users have found that their antivirus software flags downloads from this site.
  3. Mixed User Reviews: Based on the Trustpilot ratings, users have had varied experiences. Some users have reported software downloaded from Filehorse slowing their computers, installing unwanted applications, and even navigating them to suspicious websites.

For improved safety, consider alternatives such as Ninite, Softpedia, or even downloading directly from the official developer’s websites, as these sources usually offer a safer environment to download software.

Safer Alternatives to FileHorse

If you’re seeking alternatives to FileHorse that offer the same convenience but with added layers of security, the following platforms are excellent options:

  1. Ninite: Easy to use and reliable, Ninite offers a vast array of popular software. It automatically installs the latest versions of chosen programs, negating the need to navigate through ‘toolbars’ and installation options, reducing the PUP risk.
  2. Softpedia: Another leading software download website with a vast library of over 850,000 files. All software on Softpedia are tested and reviewed for malware and adware, ensuring clean, secure downloads.
  3. MajorGeeks: While not the most modern-looking site, MajorGeeks has been a trusted source for software downloads for over 15 years. It’s run by just two people, but they take security seriously. Files hosted are frequently vetted and tested for safety.
  4. FileHippo: FileHippo offers a wide variety of software for Windows, Mac, and Web, with all old versions of programs available. They scan all files for viruses, using various antivirus applications.
  5. Slant: Slant isn’t a traditional software download site but it’s a great place to get advice on software from other users. You can read reviews and see the pros and cons of different software.
  6. Official Developer Websites: Whenever possible, downloading software directly from the official developer’s website can often be the safest option. This way, you’re getting the software directly from the source and can usually ensure you’re getting the latest, most secure version of that software.

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