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What Do the Best Used Machinery Dealers Have in Common?

Machinery Dealers

Manufacturers are always looking for a way to produce goods more efficiently, and buying used machinery that works like new is a good idea. However, in practice, it’s not always easy to find the right used equipment or be confident that it will work reliably for years to come.

More factories are incorporating automation in their processes by using things like coordinate measuring machines (CMM machines) to perform quality control on production lines, meaning they depend more than ever on the equipment they choose. Here are a few signs to help you identify the dealerships with the best used CMM equipment in the industry.

Knowledgeable Sales Reps

You can buy a used CMM machine from an auction or Machine Tool Dealer, but they won’t know much about how CMM machines work. Are you buying the optimal machine? What about the software inside and its condition? Only experts can answer these questions.

Many of the best CMM dealerships have operated for decades, so it’s a much safer bet to buy a fully reconditioned used CMM machine from a true expert.

Browse Online First

It’s hard to shop for equipment online if you can’t see what’s in stock. The best CMM dealers have a comprehensive listing for their machines on their website, so you can see pictures and get vital information such as each piece’s software, manufacturer, size, CMM number, and more.

Comprehensive Services

If you buy a used CMM from an auction, your relationship with the seller ends as soon as the purchase is complete. The best CMM dealerships go further, offering to deliver, install, and train any staff on the equipment anywhere in the world.

Years after the purchase, you’ll want preventative maintenance to ensure the core equipment driving your factory’s production continues to perform as it should. Buying a used CMM machine from an experienced dealer is the best way to get connected immediately with the people who know these machines inside and out.

Don’t waste any time searching for the right people to upkeep your machine by buying your CMM equipment from the market’s leading experts.


What happens if you buy an expensive piece of precision machinery and it doesn’t work to specification once it’s on the shop floor? If you bought it through an ISO certified CMM dealership, they usually offer a 30-day warranty and a guarantee that the equipment will work as it should, or they’ll fix it for free.

You can’t get this type of assurance or peace of mind when buying from an independent seller or from an auction. If you get a great price on deficient equipment, that’s not the type of bargain that you want!

Machines drive today’s factories and will continue to do so for years to come. Get the equipment you need for a much lower price by buying used, but only if it’s through a leading dealership that can service the machinery and stand by its products.

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