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Malwarebytes Premium Lifetime Key: Is It Worth It?

Malwarebytes Premium Lifetime

Even though today I’m using Linux OS on my primary PC, I’ve never used the likes of popular antivirus software from AVG, Avast, or Avira.

Do you know WHY?

Well, because, I couldn’t find anything better than Malwarebytes.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been using this software to get rid of viruses, malware from my PC.

Never had a problem.

That’s why some time back, I had even purchased a Malwarebytes Premium Lifetime key.

Talking about the premium key, when I was planning to purchase it, I saw dozens of websites offering Malware Premium Lifetime Key for free?

I bought the Malwarebytes premium lifetime license key at $24.99 in a black Friday sale & now everyone’s getting it for free?

How can this be possible?

So, that’s why started digging around & found the real reason behind all this.

However, before I share it with you, let me tell you why I prefer Malwarebytes over anything else.

Let’s get started:

5 Reasons Why I Always Prefer Malwarebytes?


Malwarebytes is a type of antivirus that’s dedicated to removing Trojan viruses, adware, worms, spyware, and other harmful malware.

Advanced malware Remediation

Malwarebytes can easily get rid of malware that’s deeply embedded into your PC.

Command-Line Interface

Malwarebytes uses command-line script execution to automate the process of disinfecting the malware.

Malwarebytes Katana Engine

When you buy Malwarebytes Premium Lifetime Key, it comes with the all-new Katana engine. Using this engine, Malwarebytes can detect more threats in less time and that too without impacting its overall performance.

Whenever Malwarebytes detects a malware, it uses the katana engine to make smart security decisions. For instance, a generic threat name like “Malware123,” will be visible as “Spyware.PasswordStealer.”

Stops Ransomware

When it comes down to protection from Ransomware, you must follow these instructions to protect your PC.

But what if you’re not careful enough?

Suppose you’ve open an unknown link on your PC and then all of a sudden you are locked out of your PC.

What would you do?

You would panic, right?

However, when you’ve got the Malwarebytes premium lifetime key, the antivirus takes care of any ransomware attack directed at your PC.

It neutralizes the ransomware attack right before it takes control of your personal files, photos, or data stored in the storage device.

Real-Time AI-Powered Anti-Virus

Malwarebytes provides uses AI and machine learning to provide Real-Time Protection to continue to detect and block online threats directed right at your PC.

Why You Should Never Use Free Malwarebytes Premium Lifetime Crack?

I’ve used cracked PC Softwares, Android apps all my life. And one thing I do know is that they are not safe for your PC.

Use your brain, why would anyone want to take the time to crack a software and lets you download it for free.

Nothing is free in this world. And by installing such cracked software on your PC, you’re opening backdoors for your hackers to steal your private information.


Now that you know the reason, you should never download Malwarebytes premium lifetime crack or use a lifetime key on your PC.

Instead, I would recommend you to subscribe to its annual plan at as low as $3.33/month.

Besides, now that I’m no longer a Windows user, I had sent this key to my sibling.

What about you? Are you planning to purchase a Malwarebytes key yourself?

Do let us know in the comments section given below.

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