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3 Best Division 2 Builds to Set up in 2021

Best Division 2 Builds

Tom Clancy’s books, movies, TV shows, everything is popular among its fans.

In fact, lately, I’ve been watching Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan TV series on WatchseriesHD.

Before I start saying anything else, let me take you back to 2019 when Ubisoft had released a game Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

As soon as the have was available, favorable reviews from critics and fans started to pour out.

Division 2 was the 2nd installment in the series. The biggest reason behind such an appreciation it received was that its developers listened to the fans and provided considerable changes into the game setting, visuals, Combat system, gameplay, and soundtrack.

Commercially, this game has sold over 10 million copies worldwide and is a major success.

Even though initially, there was some hiccup in the production. However, over a period of some time, Ubisoft solved the production to make it a major success right after its release.

With the increasing popularity of Division 2, the ball was in Ubisoft’s court as they had to manage the DLC updates.

And thankfully, I would say Job well done. You see, Division 2 was released in March 2019 and within a few months Ubisoft rolled out the dark hours update and along with it, a new raid system was announced where you must give all your best to survive in the game.

However, you can’t do this without equipping the right gears.

And the only way to get the best gear, you must have suitable division 2 builds with you.

So going forward in this post. I will explain what exactly is Division 2 builds for a beginner, along with this, a list of some of the best division 2 builds in 2021, and start the PvP mode in division 2.

Now let’s get started:

What are Division 2 Builds?

Before I go ahead and share some of the best division 2 builds, it’s important to know what exactly is division 2 builds, especially for a beginner.

You see, Division 2 Game is based on a war conflict.

With this setting in place, you can compare this game with evergreen games like CSGO.

Even though in both the games, you must survive to win the game, it’s division 2 where you must have the right sets of equipment.

These division 2 builds combine many attributes to give you an edge in the game.

Without them, it’s really hard for you to survive within the game. Now, let’s take a look at some of them

Best Division 2 Builds

The popularity of Division 2 has forced its community developers to create Division 2 builds for millions of its users.

When playing this game, it’s important to equip the best build for swift gameplay.

Otherwise, there would be no one to stop you from getting a defeat.

Five million damage Nemesis PVE build

Have you have ever heard of a sniper that can deal up to 5 million damage just with a single shot to the head?

Sounds impossible, right?

But this build can even do all this as you take on the division 2 raids, Strongholds, or take part in PVE missions.

When this build is equipped, you would not take too much time in beating the trained killers right in their game.

If you want to defeat your opponents without putting up much of a fight, it’s fine to get your hands on the Nemesis exotic rifle component.

But the thing is it’s not that easy to find.

Once you do, remember no one in the game can beat you especially when you are equipped with this insane build.

This build has major positive attributes such as

The counter-sniper has attributes that can deal the damage from 0% to all the way to 100%.

Remember when using a weapon in this build, the duration spent on holding trigger matters to a great extent as this will decide the maximum damage to your opponent.

With this attribute, you gain 5% damage to the nemesis and then use the same advantage to hold down your opponents for the next 15 seconds. During this time, you get the ability to see through the walls and attack your enemies.

When using this build, if you’ve done your preparation all by yourself, you’ll always have the biggest gain in this build as it increases the headshot damage by 25%.

However, the only condition is you must scope in with your current weapon.

One-Shot Sniper Build

If the PvE build wasn’t enough for you this One-shot sniper build will take you to the next level as it comes with one of the powerful snipers of all time.

Using this weapon, you can kill your opponent right with a single shot to the head.

Even though this build is not that useful in the PVE mode, it works miraculously in the PVP battles.
In the initial days of this build’s release, It wasn’t optimized to meet users’ demand.

However, as this build started gaining popularity among the fans, it became super stable.
This build deals with these three types of enhancements:

  • Weapon Damage
  • Damage to armor and
  • Headshot damage.

Unlimited Ammo LMG Build

When shooting at your opponents in PvP or PvE mode, it can get easily fucked up when you run out of ammo or your weapon is in the process of reloading.

With this LMG build in place, throw that worry out of your life as you will get unlimited ammo in your LMG right out of the box. It’s like GTA Vice City all over again where you apply a cheat code to get unlimited ammo.

Now, with this, shoot at your enemy as much as you like, as there is no limitation on ammunition.

How to Start PVP in Division 2.

To get into the PVP mode. These are the steps you must follow to get into the game:

  • Open up the map screen.
  • Use L1 / LB buttons to scroll through the tabs. There, you will see the conflict option.
  • Select it and check for the conflict progression.
  • Once confirmed, you get the option to play either Skirmish or domination.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve got an idea of all the basics related to division 2 builds, you can start playing this game and conquering the war within it?

I know, I could make this list a bit longer by adding Chatterbox build, Shotgun Shield Build, or other popular division 2 builds. However, I believe it’s the perfect combination for a beginner.

When you start playing this game, it’s better to start off with lesser builds than overwhelming yourself.

That is all for now.

Before I end this post, I’ve got a question to ask – Have you read world-famous Tom Clancy novels?

If yes then which one? Do share this with us in the comments section given below.

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