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Beat Social Distancing with Tom Clancy Novels

Tom Clancy Novels

In this Epidemic situation where the world is struggling with Coronavirus and everyone advising to stay at home – A big question arises what to do in this situation, which leads to skill enhancement and also gives deep insights about world military history, thrilling experience without going anywhere. 

My friend is asking this question. He further added he doesn’t want to watch movies as he is already spending a lot of time in front of the laptop to complete their office work.

So, this is the high time to dig into the novels that are lying in your houses- again, give them a try or try something unique that will reawaken you to the techno-thrillers and military history or spy or realistic fictions.

As it is always said:

                                    Books are uniquely portable magic.

And in this situation, it will work like magic for you, especially TOM CLANCY Books.

So, this is the right time to deepen our knowledge about the world with the help of these books.

In this article, you will get to know about those books which you should read to broaden your knowledge and for thrilling suspense adventure.

Who is Thomas Leo Clancy?

Thomas Leo Clancy(Tom Clancy) is an American novelist, who is well known for technical and military science novels. His novels were best sellers of his time around 17 of his books were bestsellers.

He is best known for his techno-thrillers, spy fiction, crime fiction, realistic fiction, non-fiction. He has also written movie scripts and non-fiction books with co-authors. 

He believes that books help us to give deep insight into the world happening.

He had also received the Alfred Thayer Award for Literary Achievement.

He is one of those writers who write about real situations and helps you to understand the actual scenario.

If you like suspense novels with the techno-thrill adventure, you must give it a try.

Let’s get started:

Here is a list of Novels that will give you a gig


  • The Hunt for Red October:

    The Hunt for Red October
    The Hunt for Red October

This novel was published on 1 October 1984, by the Naval Institute Press. This novel has created Clancy’s image as the best novelist. The book is so realistic that it will draw all your attention as you start reading the story.

The movie, based on this novel “The Hunt for Red October,” released on 2 March 1990.   

The story revolves around great submarine battles and diplomatic moves and how submarine used to defeat the enemy, what problem they face, and at the end, how these submarines were safely taken.


  • Clear and Present Danger:

    Clear and Present Danger
    Clear and Present Danger

If you like politics, then you must read this novel.

Clear and Danger was published on 17 August 1989, and the novel created a great history in the political stories. The readers liked this novel so much that on 3 August 1994, a movie on this novel was released.

This novel is based on politics and is a political thriller novel, and it displays the post-tactics of NSA and JSOC.

You will be able to relate the novel with today’s reality as it shows the drug scenario in the world but great suspense and humor. Additionally, it will devise the precise cause and effect relationship behind the drugs in the country.

The story revolves around Jack Ryan( character acting as a Director of Intelligence). In this novel, you will get to know how colleagues fooled Jack Ryan. And how he completes the operation successfully.

For all those who want to know: 

  • the reasons for drug dispute and 
  • their real effect- must read it


  •  Without Remorse:

    Without Remorse
    Without Remorse

You might be thinking that we are telling you to read novels that are so old…..but trust us…..these novels are still valid in today’s scenario- Once you will read this, you will realize and thanks to me. After reading, you must share your experience with us in the comment section.

“Without Remorse” was published on 11 August 1993, and it was the best seller of Tom Clancy. Now, on 18 September 2020, a movie based on this novel will be released in India. You won’t believe people are keenly looking for this movie to watch. 

The novel is all about Navy Seals, who crosses all the limits and the order of justice to become CIA. It is an action written novel that hooks the reader until the end. Although the path adopted in the novel to become CIA was not somehow valid, it is an exciting and engaging novel.

This is an overview of these three novels.


Tom Clancy is one of the best novelists of his time, and readers still read his novels. Do read these novels and tell your opinion regarding these novels.

If you have any questions or want to know about any other novel, let me know in the comment section.

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