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10 Ways to Fix Robinhood Error Code E05

Are you tired of seeing that pesky Robinhood Error Code E05 pop up on your screen every time you try to?

Don’t let it hold you back from making smart investments and growing your portfolio.

In this post, I’ve compiled 10 tried-and-true methods to fix this error code and get back on track with your trading.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, these solutions are easy to implement and will have you trading easily in no time.

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to successful trades with these 10 ways to fix Robin Error Code E05.

Check Your Internet Connection

Best Internet Deals
Best Internet Deals

First, we’ll start with checking your internet connection. If it’s not working, you can’t do much else and must wait to fix it.

If you’re using a wireless router or modem, try restarting them by unplugging them for a few minutes and then plugging them back in when they’ve cooled down. You should also ensure that the cable between these devices is securely connected; you don’t want loose ends!

If those steps don’t work, contact your ISP (internet service provider) about the problem; they may be able to help with troubleshooting or give advice on how best to proceed next time something like this happens again.

Reset Your Router

Resetting your router is usually the easiest way to fix this issue. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Hard Reset: Unplug the power cord from the back of your router and wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in. Then, wait another 30 seconds before trying to connect again.
  • Soft Reset: Hold down the reset button on your router with a paperclip or pin until you hear a beep or see lights flash (usually between 10 and 15 seconds). Afterward, try connecting again.

Reboot Your Device

If you see an error code, the first thing to try is rebooting your device. This can fix many minor issues with your phone or tablet and clear any temporary glitches in its memory.

To reboot your device:

  • Please turn off the device and unplug it from the power source (i.e., wall outlet or computer).
  • Please wait 30 seconds, then turn it on again. If this doesn’t solve your problem, try another solution below!

Clear Browser Cache

Clearing your browser cache is an easy way to fix any error codes, but ensuring that your browser is up-to-date and running smoothly is essential. Here’s how:

  • In Chrome or Firefox, go to the Menu (three horizontal lines) and click Settings.
  • Click Advanced on the left of options that appear under Privacy & Security or General depending on your version of Chrome or Firefox respectively; then click Content Settings under More Tools in the right column if using Google Chrome). You may need to scroll down for this option if using Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer 11.

Update Your Chrome Browser

If you’re having trouble with Robinhood, try updating your browser. The first step is to check for updates in the settings menu of your web browser.

If no updates are available, you can visit the company’s official website that makes your browser and download one of their latest versions.

If you don’t know how to update or install new software on your computer, we have instructions below:

  • Google Chrome: Open chrome://components/ in a new tab and click “Check for Updates” at the top right corner of the page; if any updates are available, they will be shown here along with links that allow you to download them directly from Google (you may need administrative privileges).
  • You can also visit chrome://help/google-chrome-updates for more information about updating Chrome manually or automatically through Windows Update or Mac Software Update Service (SUS).

Try Another Browser

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If you’re still having trouble, try using a different browser. Try using a different app if you use a mobile device and have the Robinhood app installed.

If you’re using a desktop computer or tablet and have the Robinhood website open in your browser, try opening up another browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox instead (although I recommend sticking with our official app).

Checking for app conflicts

There may be an app conflict if you have problems with the Robinhood app. To check for this, go to Settings > Apps and swipe right until you find the list of apps installed on your device.

If any apps in this list look unfamiliar or have names similar to Robinhood (such as “Robinhood”), try deleting them by tapping them and then pressing Delete.

If this doesn’t solve your problem with Robinhood’s error code E05, try restarting your device: press and hold both power buttons (either one will work) until it vibrates twice; then release both buttons and wait for 10 seconds before turning back on again by pressing either button once more.

Resetting app preferences

If you have tried all of the above and are still receiving the error code E05, it’s time to reset your app preferences.

To do this:

  • Open the App Store app.
  • Then, tap on the Updates tab.
  • Next, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Reset App Preferences (this may take a few seconds).
  • You’ll see a confirmation message asking if you want to continue this process; tap Reset App Preferences again to confirm. This will close out any open apps running in multitasking mode before closing them one by one until they’re all closed out automatically when done correctly!
  • Now reopen your Robinhood app again & try opening it again after following these steps above – hopefully, things will go smoothly for you!

Uninstall and Reinstall Robinhood App on iPhone, iPad, or Android Device

If you’re getting the E05 error code, there may be a bug in your Robinhood app. To fix this problem, try uninstalling and reinstating your Robinhood app on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Go to Settings > General > Device Management.
  • Tap on the name of your device under “Manage Your Apps.”
  • Remove next to “Robinhood” and confirm by tapping Delete when prompted again.
  • Go back into the App Store and search for “Robinhood”–you should see an updated version available for download (if not already installed). Then, download/install as usual!

Using alternative trading platforms

Stock, Trading, Monitor, Business, Finance, Exchange

If you’re having trouble with Robinhood and looking for an alternative trading platform, there are many options. The best alternative trading platforms will provide the following features:

  • A wide range of assets and instruments to trade, including stocks, bonds, and commodities
  • Low fees; some even offer free trades!
  • An easy-to-use interface allows users to place trades quickly without going through complex registration processes or software downloads.


Now that you have learned how to fix robinhood error code e05, it’s time to try these methods out.

I hope they work for you! If they don’t, please feel free to reach out in the comments below, and we will do our best to help.

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