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10 Apps that make your Small Business grow in 2018

Are you a local small business that needs to scale up the rat race of competition?

Chances are if you are then finding the right tools to help your Start-Up to scale the ever-growing demand for competition. Your basic goal in mind is marketing your products. With the right tool, you can.

Many small businesses sometimes outsource such work to agencies like Orlando Branding and many more. Below, I will be listing the 10 best apps that help you make your small business grow rapidly.

10 Apps making your small business bigger

Small businesses are constantly thriving and your business may not be any different. You have to understand the trends to dominate the local competition. So, read on to find out which apps work for your business growth.

Quora – The crowdsource for your business growth

So here is a fun fact about this app. It lets you in the world of affiliated and mostly forum based marketing. It is a very feature-rich app where likewise people promote and converse about your respective business.


A freelancer’s heaven to find work is one of the most resourceful places if you are a Start-Up looking for work. Engaging and creating a professional network is what Upwork is all about. it helps you grow and understand consumer demands through individuality.


This is a featurette app for hiring the best people in the business. If you are a small business doing the entire background verification can be hard.

This app does that for you in a few clicks.


Gooogle’s gift to small businesses is GSuite. It tracks your website analytics, purchase domain, set up an email client. It holds the entirety of business functionality.


This app helps you gain more consumers and potential clients by having functions like sales driven push emails and everything. SalesLoft helps built consumer retention and conversion.


A small business can benefit a lot from the task manager. This app lets you create events, deadlines, set dates, spread out tasks department and person wise.

Having a Task Management tool can cut costs for Start-Ups too.


This app works as an in-house HR manager. keeps the leave dates on track, gets you employee information easily, stores data well.

It cuts petty time spent in long procedures for your Start-Up.


If you are a small Start-Up having a decent team communication tool helps you to save time and mostly also costs of getting things done.

Slack is currently having over 4 million users active every day.


Box lets to collaborate with co-workers, consumers and store data and files.

It keeps all your data organized in one place, making it very easy to find when you need something. It can remotely store information and files so your co-worker can find it.


When your inbox fills up You would need CloudMagic. Having this email management application means having easy access to searching capabilities, cross-platform capabilities, and user interface.

It can help you save valuable time when you need to connect with someone who does not have your email.

EndNote- Business Apps making your business grow

A Start-Up needs to conserve time and place and energy. These apps help you do exactly that.

You would want to spend your energy on growing your business while letting technology do the hard work for you. To scale your business you would need a proper goal and most importantly not waste time behind long procedures when there are apps to do that for you.

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