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End Up Your All Coffee Craving with Pakt Coffee Kit

Pakt Coffee Kit

Do You Find it hard to get a good cup of Coffee? 

Sometimes you may struggle to get a cup of coffee but situations got worse while travelling. I can analyse your pain as those Highway motels, railway catering or even the flight attends serve you not more than awful hot water that tastes like anything. 

Yes, it never tasted like a soothing coffee no matter whatever they charge or promise about their quality. 

The painful era is going to end up wondering how? 

No, there is no new catering service is launched to cater your coffee on the go.

A revolutionary concept that can make possible to get a coffee not less than Starbucks Standard the thing is called Pakt Coffee Kit. Let’s explore what it is ? how it works? From where to get? And many more things will be made clear after your complete reading without waiting for long Let’s get started. You can also check my last blog Moment Air to improve your Photography skills.

Pakt Coffee Kit
Pakt Coffee Kit

Advantages of Pakt Coffee Kit

With new Pakt Coffee Kit, you don’t only get a good coffee. There are several other advantages that make it the most eligible coffee kit.

Quality Coffee

Pakt Coffee kit empowers you to prepare a good cup of coffee. The Kit includes all essential things that are needed to prepare a pour-over coffee without creating any mess. It is designed to stop the process at perfect temperatures that are scientifically proven to get a cup of coffee which tastes good. 

Strong Build

Most of the Coffee kits are too delicate to handle and it makes almost impossible to carry. Due to high probability of getting broken this problem is now solved with Pakt Coffee Kit.

It is designed to be strong without being bulky or taking too much space in your bag. The weight of kit is 1.7kg only which is lesser than any of your laptops along with a tiny size which is as big as your shoebox. 

Air Travel-Friendly

Pakt Coffee Kit is not only for adventure lovers. It is designed to take care needs of each and every class which makes it aeroplane friendly. That means you can roam around with your favourite kit without being in trouble with airport security.


Another reason to choose Pakt Coffee Kit is it helps in preserving nature. Wondering how a Coffee Kit can do so? Well, every time when you drink coffee in a disposable cup, it adds to the landfill done by local authorities that is actually ruining nature.

You can make the difference by using the kit which has a solid drinking flask and another to store coffee concentrate for up to 5 coffees. That means every time you drink a coffee using kit actually you are lessing one disposable cup from the garbage that is going to dump as a landfill.

Easy to Use

Forget those kits which looks trendy yet includes complex methods to operate. Pakt coffee kit is an easy to use commodity which requires only six steps to make a cup of coffee.

To commence what you need is only water and electricity and you are all done for a flavourful cup of coffee that is never less than standard of Big brand coffee houses like Starbucks, Barista etc.

What you will Get in Pakt Coffee Kit?

The pakt coffee kit is compact commodity with one into another setting the same style that is used by Russian dolls. Yes, the same toy that I have used in my childhood and I am sure too have an experience of playing with them. Well….. Still unable to make out, No need to worry as I have provided an animation which will make you understand the concept.

Russian doll
Russian doll

The kit contains 4 main parts that are as follows:

  1. Kettle

The first part of kit is electric kettle that is specially designed for the kit. It is made up of high-grade steel interiors along with outer silicon covering which make it comfortable to hold. To make kettle completely safe for use following qualities are provided:

  • The kettle lid has small pores that can easily accommodate food thermometer.
  • It shuts down automatically at a temperature of 96.1 Degree that is ideal for making a good coffee.
  • A glowing light indicator is given to show heating is process is started.
  • Just takes 5 minutes to heat the water.

2. Dripper

The second unit of kit is a stainless steel dripper which is used to filter the coffee. A small but important part as it provides the coffee concentrate that is what you will use to make your coffee. Thin mesh used in strainer maintains the flow speed that allows hot water to extract all the flavour from coffee bean.

3.Travel Mug

It allows you to drink your coffee without creating any waste. The travel mug is made up of stainless steel with a double-wall setting and a silicon cover that perfectly complement cozy lid which is given to prevent spilling.

4.Coffee Container

The fourth unit is Coffee container it can store concentrate that is used to make five coffees. Means it has sufficient space to fulfil your coffee craving for long without making yourself to repeat the process. It is made up of steel and the bottom is covered using silicon along with that a tab is given that facilitates easy pouring.

Comparison with other Coffee Kits

Comaprison with other coffee kits
Comparison with other coffee kits

How to make a Coffee using Pakt Coffee Kit?

Making coffee isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but don’t be afraid as making coffee using pakt coffee kit requires only six steps. Yes, I said six steps that are enough to get a flavourful cup of coffee the process are as follows:

  1. Fill water in the kettle you can measure by using the line as it is drawn on every 150ml. So, easily identify how much water you need without using a measuring cup.
  2. Twist the dripper after placing it at mug mouth to attach it.
  3. Place the filter in dripper and add coffee powder.
  4. Pour hot water by using kettle over the coffee powder present in dripper.
  5. Wait till every single drop of water flushes in the mug.
  6. Add milk, sugar or whatever you like in your coffee it is all yours.

From Where I can get Pakt Coffee Kit?

You can buy innvovative coffee kit from Kickstarter as currently it is not launched for open market. Right now it is a concept with a working prototype, In my opinion, if you like the concept must back the project. It will help thousands of person who get exploited daily by providing cheap coffee while travelling.

To back the product you can start with as low as $1, Here are some Pledge options using that you can back the product and receive a reward on successful completion project. The Pakt Coffee Kit has already achieved its target that means simply back the product to receive a heavy discount on it. The Pledge you can use are as follows :

Pledge for $124

Pledge with $124 or more than you will get a discount of 34% on retail price that is $189 Only.

Pledge for $139

Pledge with $139 or more and you will receive a discount of 26% on retail price.

Pledge for $259

If you looking for two kits than you may opt to pledge with $259 and you will receive a 26% on total bill of two kits that is $378 Only.

All the rewards will be delivered by December 2019.

Final Words

Good coffee is all that you need to start up your day or to kick up all your tiredness while working. I have tasted watered down, pew flavoured coffee many time and it is just like a horrible dream for any coffee lover. I will recommend investing in Good Coffee kit like Pakt is a wise deal. Where you had bad coffee experience? mention it in the comment box below and do not forget to share the blog with other coffee lovers to help them out to get a flavourful coffee. 

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