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Why to choose Linkedin as a platform for Business

In today’s date LinkedIn is known as the most powerful marketing website or app of the 21st century and here are the three most important reasons why is it so known it is because of- media, partnership, and its clients.

Before getting too deep or knowing about the details related to LinkedIn first let’s know about its background how does it work? After doing so much of research and doing a study on multiple social media platforms and networks and is also followed by the industry leaders in those areas, and after findings things and doing lots of research we can tell you what works and what does not.

There are some interesting ways to provide some more knowledge in an impressive statistical way from LinkedIn they are as follows:

  • LinkedIn is well known for creating a largest professional network in the entire world on the internet which holds more them 300 million members in over 200 countries and the territories.
  • LinkedIn is so famous that at a rate of more than two members are joined as professionals sign up for it.
  • Over 3o millions of members on LinkedIn are mostly the students and the college graduates they are the fastest growing demographic of LinkedIn.
  • From all the 2013 fortune LinkedIn counts executive from 500 companies as members. In 100 of the companies, 94 of the chances are used by its corporate talent solutions.
  • More than 1.5 million different publishers are actively using the popular social site LinkedIn, and they are sharing their profile just for the sharing purpose of the content into the LinkedIn platform.

This is one of the most powerful platforms for many business owners and is barely scraping any of the surfaces of what is possible on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool or should we say social networking site which was launched for recruiters to find the suitable candidate for their organizations. Yes, you heard it correct it was started by the candidates or graduates who are in search for jobs to find the job they are willing for and for the big industries or organizations to hire the candidates who are suitable for the given post. Anyhow it is much more than that because LinkedIn is also seen to be the most powerful platform for doing the business too.

There is a leading online community for LinkedIn training which is named as the influence Alex Pirouz founded it.

Alex says if we look forward in our lives then there is lots of competitors and competition where it is very much difficult to stand in the market and make your place in front of the key decision makers. Today even if you are having a huge marketing mind and spending s it doesn’t matter as it used to be in early days.

This is how LinkedIn has opened many gates for the organization to build up strong relations and connect to the market and with business owners, it has also allowed them to choose the candidate by their wish by viewing their profile whoever they find suitable for the vacant post.

Here we are presenting in front of you the three top reasons why LinkedIn is considered as the most powerful social site or a marketing tool in the 21st century:-


  1. Media

Every business person almost knows the worth of their weight in gold, and they do even know that how media exposure is much more necessary for making their position in the market. While running an organization, you must know your value suppose you are having the best product or a unique product in the world but still if no one knows about you or your organization or where to find you and your products then you can get it what’s your value in the market.

It may take the time or cost you more money to making your goods and services notice among people or in the market. If you are thinking to hire a PR agency which would cost you in thousands and it is not sure if it will provide you with the result of an increase in the sale of your product it depends. According to research/survey by a media group, it is said that almost 94.2% of journalists and editors have their profile on LinkedIn and 62% of people have rated it on their own experience as a professional tool.

This is how Alex built a network of 250 members from a media group that too even in the nine months of the period. And as a result of over 50 media publications, Alex has been featured including in Forbes, Inc., and he is also regularly interviewed for news stories. The most interesting and the best thing is that he had managed to grab all these attention and make his way without sending a single press release.



To grow your business, it is the best strategic and powerful way to create the partnership. With the help of the organization, you can easily refer a client to each other, know more about the power of offering, complimentary products and services, and also help each other to enlarge the business.

Finding the right partner alliance and a joint venture is a challenging task to do. If you want to make the right partner and find the good investment then you should not think twice you can go for LinkedIn.

One of the biggest examples, if we take, is a member of influencer’s community Martine Martinez who was the founder of entrepreneur card anyhow managed to set up a partnership with over 30 leading brands and got featured almost in 10 media publications and at his launch, he attracted 150+ entrepreneur to his party. All because of the power of LinkedIn.



LinkedIn is not only for making partners or recruitment of the candidates, but it is also a valuable tool for finding clients. So now if you really think about it that what’s the reason behind we choose to market our business? I think after reading this entire article we have got your answer, and you won’t make your decision late to join LinkedIn if you want your business to grow to the next level. So make the use of LinkedIn and see its power hand how it opens the door of opportunity in front of you.

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