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Ten excellent Haircuts That Are Just *Perfect* For Summer!

Long Hairstyle For Ladies

The heat is on but don’t let it stop you from looking fab all day long. Summer hair is all about going comfortable and maybe a bit colorful. You can make tiny but useful changes to jazz up your main game a bit. Get a pristine look by accepting a perfect haircut for this summer. Whether you want to go short or maintain your height, we have new haircuts to satisfy your taste. These fabulous summer hairstyles will make you feel marvelous in this hot weather.


  1. Asymmetrical Bob

Ladies say hello to summertime hair with this impressive haircut. The asymmetrical, wavy bob will make you look oh-so-sexy even in this heat. The look gives an edgy and chic twist to the usual bob, as well. If you want, you can even color your hair with a beautiful and refreshing shade to enjoy your summer look.


  1. Layer game on

If you have long hair and don’t want to go short, just add some layers to your long locks, and you will be good to go. Adding layers will make your hair look bouncy and light, which is perfect for this weather. It will be a real change, and you will enjoy your new look, too.


  1. Sleek and chic

What’s better than an elegant and classy look to sport all through the season? If you do not want to go too short, you can always opt for a medium length haircut. Not too many layers and no choppy strands, just get the perfect blunt look and we bet you will look fantastic.


  1. Ready to shag?

Add volume to your medium length hair this season with the sexy shag haircut. If you are blessed with wavy hair, go ahead and get wavy and layered locks. This hairstyle looks messy and sharp which will also accentuate your cheekbones and jawline, making you look stunning.


  1. Wispy beachy waves

It seems like the ultimate beach babe with a shoulder-length haircut. Add layers to your secure wavy locks and get this fab look for summer. Whenever you plan to head out, you can just curl your hair, and voila, you will be ready to go. This haircut is perfect for girls who do not want to go too short and want the perfect summer look, too.


  1. Slay those bangs

Ladies, bangs are never going to go out of style. Sport a chic look this season with the right side hit. Believe us, it suits every face shape, adds a bit of feminine softness, and you will get up your hair game with this cool look. Whether you have short, long or medium length hair, side bangs will suit you.


  1. Cute like a pixie

All of us remember and love the classic pixie cut Anne Hathaway flaunted for years. Well, it is time to chop off those tresses and get your summer game on, girls. If you love short hair, go for a compressed-cropped pixie cut and make the summertime heavens go away.


  1. Rock the lob

The running bob is a universally flattering haircut. Get the expert of both worlds by getting a bob cut externally going short. It looks uber chic and adds a bit of texture to your hair, as well. It is the haircut that works for everyone, so why should you be left behind in the hair game?


  1. Dreamy waves

Add multiple layers to your wavy, medium length hair, especially to frame your face, and look like a dream this season. The shortest layers should probably start from the cheekbone, gradually getting longer towards the ends. This haircut will provide your strands with a lot of volume and movement which you will love.


  1. Blunt bob with bangs

Give a twist to your usual blunt bob by adding bangs! You can go for a choppy and slightly messy bob cut to give an edge to this haircut. Flaunt it like the chic woman you are and earn compliments from everyone around you. This hairstyle is perfect for the cool summer look.


Next time when you call your “parlor wali didi” for an appointment, make sure you show her these stylish haircuts to adopt a new avatar. There are a good number of parlors which provide beauty services at home. So, what are you waiting for girls? Just pick up your phone, call them and look sexy sitting in your comfort zone.

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