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The secret of Xiaomi’s success: the Mi Fans

Xiaomi Mi Fans are an important part of the success of the Chinese company. And, Xiaomi has some users that are totally faithful and find in the company’s portfolio some accessory or product that does not need to leave the ecosystem.

Have you ever heard the term “ fanboy ”? It is something that is used to qualify a user who “ marries ” with a specific brand, or video game, since it is the context in which it is most used, and defends the company’s products at all costs. Whenever it is from respect and understanding in a healthy debate, it is something that companies find great. Let them tell Xiaomi with the Mi Fans.

And, a fan of a brand not only buys the products of the house in question, but also recommends them to his friends and makes free advertising on the networks he can. Xiaomi is a company that is handling fans quite well and, in fact, they know that there are Xiaomi fans who are willing to bet on the company’s new products.

That Xiaomi has an important fan base is vital for the company, since we remind you that the Chinese house not only sells mobiles, but practically any gadget we imagine, as well as other objects that have nothing of “ technology ”, but that Xiaomi welcomes under its umbrella. Beyond the low prices and a lot of devices, Xiaomi has fans – the Mi Fans – who do a lot for the company.

Xiaomi Mi Fans, the key to success (one of them)

And, one of the keys to Xiaomi’s success is not only the low prices or the amount of products they launch (in all sectors), but the fans. In fact, Xiaomi is a company that can change the world with the vision of ‘Innovation for all.’

They create incredible products with honest prices so that everyone can enjoy the technology. And the idea is, first of all, to get consumers to use your phones and know the brand by selling your product for a tad more than it costs to do so, and then impress them with their quality at such a low price. Once you have achieved a community, you can offer premium services to that user base.

And really, the company seems to have a magnet. When you enter the dynamics of Xiaomi, something that many users do through the mobile, they discover a tremendous ecosystem of products for the home (the Mi Home) or to do sports (both those of Xiaomi, as the Mi Band, as those of brands under its protection, such as Amazfit).

Do you want a toothbrush? Xiaomi has one that, at a good price, has the characteristics of more expensive brushes. Do you want a robot vacuum cleaner? The Xiaomi has features that have the most expensive Roomba. Want a sophisticated laptop? You can get Xiaomi laptop. Today, almost everything has its replica in Xiaomi, and that is what has generated an unprecedented fan movement.
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