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What is it Likely to Study at a College/School Located in the Hill Station

Hill station is a place where most of us love to go on our vacations with our family and also with our loved ones. On slightly high place in the hills, many small villages and even towns are situated, and nowadays a good number of individuals can be seen in different hill stations. Well, now we are going to talk about the benefit of studying in Hill Station instead of the beauty of it. Hill station is mainly preferable to the most relaxing place ever and spending few days there is a magical experience. If any of our readers are planning to go for a vacation, want a break from your life or looking for the right place for your further studies then we will recommend you to choose a hillside place.

Establishment of Hill stations in India is for a variety of reasons. Factors included anxieties about the dangers of life in India, among them the fear of degeneration brought on by too large cantonment in a debilitating land. Shimla was formally made the “summer capital of India” in the 1860s and hill stations “served as vital crossroads of federal and military power, especially after the 1857 revolt.”

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Nowadays the Government has developed hills with lots of facilities. It has become a perfect place for living, and mainly the education system in hills have grown so much that students from different corners of the country are choosing schools from hills for their further studies. Let us introduce you to some of the points regarding hill station which you have to know if you are thinking to go there for your further studies:

  1. While exploring in the hills is the most precious thing because you get to inhale fresh and crisp air and a breathtaking view can be seen every morning which is enough to make you happy & energetic all day long.
  2. Hill station is also known as a pollution-free place for its cleanness. So, if you are tired of continuous horns by big buses and hate the smoke that you inhale in the traffic, this is a place for you.
  3. Most of the time you have to carry shawls, sweaters to protect you from the sudden change in the climate. And I am very sure that you are going to love it, because not like in the cities wherein summer you always have to travel in air-conditioned vehicles.
  4. There are many hill stations in India and the education system in the hills is like just awesome. A good number of great schools are there, and students are passing out with a perfect percentage.
  5. Hill Stations like Darjeeling, Sikkim, Gangtok, and Kalimpong are providing good education like any other big Universities do. In Darjeeling schools like St. Robert H.S.School, St. Josephs are public schools and colleges like St. Joseph College, South field college is mainly well known for their discipline in different corners of the country.
  6. Students staying there for their educational purpose must know the regional language of that region that is Nepali. But don’t worry if you know English very well you then do not have to face any communication issues.
  7. Almost every school and colleges in hill stations provide excellent facilities to the students in a friendly way so that students can learn and grow easily. There are some schools which are of the British era and the most familiar example which you all know is Kendriya Vidyalaya (K.V).

Education means a lot for every person in today’s generation. Nowadays the school system is getting advanced day by day and classes are being conducted in digital form. Education only means learning something new, getting more and more knowledge on any topic is in the process of skills, values, beliefs, etc. It also includes storytelling, teaching or discussions based on research or one’s knowledge. Education has various levels including formal and informal or primary, secondary, tertiary, higher.

Keeping all these things in mind State government of hill stations has to work harder to improve the education system in hills and give the students that opportunity to prove their talents and get the chance to make them stand out of the crowd.

The right to education is for everyone so the government of the hill should take charge and look after it, if every school and colleges are providing good education to the students and the students are learning something or not. It may be primary schools or higher secondary schools; all the training facilities must be provided by the State government of hill stations.

All in all, it is beautiful, it is fun and pollution-free. It is a feast for the senses, the view. Much needed relaxation which a student needs after a lecture.

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