All You Need To Know About Babbel in 2018

So, here is the best part of the internet, if you want to learn something, it’s there. Especially, when it comes to languages, Babbel is your go-to option. Why? Well, I will get to that soon.


I am someone who loves learning different languages, and on my quest to find the right app, Babbel has helped me learn a lot through the way.

So, What is Babbel?

Germany’s Babbel is a multilingual language learning app. Available on Google Play and Apple Store, this has managed to gain a good pace in learners around the world. This amazing app has also pooled powers with Cambridge University’s English language certification wing, setting a new standard for the process of digital language testing.

You can only imagine the power of this highest gross maker in language learning apps available around. Their process is more about listening and writing then just reading and speaking. And, I suppose that what sets their process apart and makes you a quick learner.

Language List of Babbel

Currently, Babbel offers you fourteen languages. They are;

  1. Dutch
  2. Danish
  3. English
  4. French
  5. German
  6. Indonesian
  7. Italian
  8. Norwegian
  9. Polish
  10. Brazilian
  11. Portuguese
  12. Russian
  13. Swedish
  14. Spanish and
  15. Turkish

You can also download the latest version from here.

Is It Free To Use?

Well, that question is answered in two folds. Yes and No. The registration with Babbel is free and you can access portions of the courses available. But, if you want to learn and utilize all the features of the language learning courses then, you will have to upgrade and buy their plans.

How Much Does It Cost?

Babbel comes in four pricing plans. The 1 monthly package costs $12.95. The 3 months package would cost you around $8.95. The remaining two, which is the 6 months package plan will cost around $7.45 and the annual package plan costs $6.95.

Is It As Good As It Says?

Babbel has a wonderful user interface and its easy to learn courses actually teaches you things. Instead of jamming you with learning techniques which rely more on speaking and reading. its listening and writing courses help you develop your language skill dramatically.

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They always start the basic word demo with you, so you don’t have to worry about being out of place with a language you are not accustomed to. The fact that Cambridge University has joined their language wing with them speaks volumes for its effective learning techniques.

If you see above this is a review from Trustpilot and the number of positive reviews speaks for itself.

So, now you can just download this app and gear up on your multilingual fill. Babbel is the perfect app for beginners working towards a foreign degree or even a language enthusiast.