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Padmavati” Now “Padmavat”, Cleared With 5 Changes Even Including A Song!

The magnum Opus of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the highly controversial film, ‘Padmavati’, which has been boiling with huge controversies, will now get the long-awaited certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification, which is more popularly called the censor board. The board has now suggested five modifications to do to the film also including a change in the title to ‘Padmavat’ – and will also issue the certificate once the modifications are made to the film.

“There are no cuts suggested in this film… only five modifications,” the chairman of censor board, Prasoon Joshi, said while contradicting the initial reports that the board had even recommended 26 cuts.

The filmmakers – the producers and even the director of the film – are also reported to have agreed to the changes.

The censor board had said that it wanted the disclaimer to clearly state that this film does not claim historical accuracy, modify misleading references to historical places and also incorporate a second disclaimer which clearly makes the strong point that the film does not promote the practice of Sati or even seek to glorify it.

The board also does want the filmmakers to even modify the song, Ghoomar, “to make the depiction befitting the character being portrayed”.

Mr Prasoon Joshi has explained the board’s suggestion to even change the name from “Padmavati” to “Padmavat”  so as to point out towards the fictional Poem Padmavat as their creative source.

“The film was approached with balanced view keeping in mind both the filmmakers and society. Considering complexities and concerns around the film the requirement for a special panel was felt by CBFC to add perspective to the final decision. Special panel consisted of Arvind Singh from Udaipur, Dr Chandramani Singh and Professor KK Singh of Jaipur University. Panel member had insights and also some reservations regarding claimed historical events and socio-cultural aspects which were duly discussed at length,” a censor board official had said.

The film was also reviewed by a special CBFC panel in which there were historians after the makers of the film had stated that it was partially based on available historical facts.

Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali has came out to deny all allusions to a love story, but there were several BJP-ruled states including Rajasthan which have banned the movie going to the extent of declaring that they will not permit the movie  to screen even if it gets cleared by the CBFC. ‘Padmavati‘ has been produced by Viacom-18 and the film’s release was originally planned on the date of December 1, but has been postponed.

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