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Supermoon, Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse, all at the same time, here is everything that you need to know about this lunar eclipse.

We are indeed getting very lucky! Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon & Blood Moon is on it's way!

January has been full of delights for those who enjoy watching the skies. Just this month towards the beginning, we were treated to a super moon on the 1st of January.

These super moons are actually the result of the full moon is facing the earth on a specific side which is actually wider. It appears to be around 14% bigger and also it becomes 30% brighter than the average full moon. So the best part of this is that, tomorrow, we are going to have another super moon, and not just that but we are also going to witness a lunar eclipse, this is surely something we all need to look out for.

Lunar Eclipse

Before people even knew the reason for this, people were afraid of a blood moon, they used to consider it as an act of God. Now, things have changed for sure, however, we can still simply enjoy it as a magnificent view. This time the full moon and lunar eclipse are going to be there on January 31st 2018. Unlike with a solar eclipse (when the moon passes in front of the sun) the best part about lunar eclipse, you don’t need any special equipment to view it.

This time the January’s lunar eclipse is going to be visible at night in Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean, and the West Coat of North America. It is going to occur at around 1.30 PM according to the UK time. In India it will occur at 5:59 PM.

Well it is certainly a great delight for all of us where we get to see a lunar eclipse, a supermoon and also a blood moon, well, this is certainly a delight for us. So for someone who loves watching the skies, it is definitely a treat in store for us to enjoy the lunar eclipse view. earlier people used to restrict from eating at the time of eclipse however the researchers have pointed out that Indian superstitious beliefs like fasting or not eating anything during a total lunar eclipse does not have any scientific reasons.

Because of the supermoon, there may be just slightly higher tides in rivers and seas but then this is nothing to be scared about.

After all it is not everyday that you get to see a super moon, lunar eclipse and blood moon and all of them at the same time! There has been never this way triple line-up of lunar eclipse, full moon and super moon like this since 1982 and the next won’t occur until 2037.

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