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Continental East Village Bar will Throw you Out If you use this Common English word

Well, today we have found out a really bizzare news for you about a bar named ‘Continental’ which has posted a signboard saying that they will throw out the people who use the word ‘literally’ if this was not enough, this man has even thrown a shade on Kardashians.

Continental is a bar in New York City’s East Village. There’s a large, hard-to-ignore sign outside promising, in its most recent iteration which says  “6 shots of anything $12.”

Well, just have a look at this sign for yourself, this was the first sign that he posted and it suddenly went viral with people all over the place talking about it and speaking about it.

If this was not all, this man even went ahead and posted another signboard which said, this.

Well, this is the second sign that the same man posted outside his bar and well, this one even targets the Kardashians.  “Stop Kardashianism now!” Ouch! This was surely insane.

The owner of the bar whose name is Trigger Smith has confirmed that the signboard is nothing but a mere joke. And has also said that he feels ‘sorry for the people who are taking the signboard seriously.’

In spite of the fact that the owner of the bar named Smith has even clarified the fact that the whole thing surrounding ‘literally’ is nothing but a joke, but then aren’t you all secretly interested in knowing how this one is going to end?

Ninja Technique of Getting Public Attention

But then did the owner do all of this for mere publicity, the bar is now closing on 30th January after running for twenty seven years now. The owner Smith had even written on the bar’s website that “if we’re very, very busy for the remainder, it’s possible that we’ll have the funds to relocate!” Well, the new sign of the bar has certainly made people stop and look at it. Well, these signboards were surely meant for attention seeking purpose and surely they became successful in getting all our attention. And if we are thinking the right way and our judgment holds true then surely, if we tell people not to do something then in a way we are invoking them to do that thing. Let’s see how his experiment ends and what is the result, like ‘literally’. *Wink*

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