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Dragon Hills Guide: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

If you are a fan of dragons and want to play one and help a princess take revenge then Dragon Hills is the best option for you. Dragon Hills is a game designed to make you want to own an imaginary dragon at one point.

Dragon Hills caters to you with your own dragon, alongside with armors and power-ups to unlock. But the best part of this game is that even if you are a beginner in this adventure game, it is easy to learn and play.

This is what makes Dargon Hills a fan favorite all over.

Dragon Hills Guide: Tips And Tricks

So here are my easy approaches for you to win at Dragon Hills with least effort.

You can destroy all objects

It is simple as it gets here, you can destroy everything you see in front of you. When you destroy a particular number of things, you will always get a destruction bonus for it That is actually a pretty good start for as a beginner on Dragon Hills.

Unlock Coins by Destroying

Building on the above-mentioned point, one additional thing you get is, you earn coins every time you destroy any object.

Always make sure you get good armor when upgrading

Dragon Hills is basically something that makes you go to another reality with loaded armor at every upgrade. So, just make sure that when you are upgrading, you are choosing your armor well. Go for the armor that causes the most damage on impact.

Take the perfect jump stunts in Dragon Hills

Whenever you take the perfect jump you will be earning more. That’s the whole idea of making sure that during your navigation in the game you make the perfect jumps. You will have to make sure that the timing of your jump is perfect in the right angle too.

Avoid the Lava

This is simple to say but as you keep leveling up it will get harder for you to avoid the lava. But, that is possible if you just strategize your steps well ahead. And, yes, if you get into the lava, it will kill you instantly.

Eat Sheep to Speed Up

You will find that just like lava the boss fights are hardest too. Yes! they kill you just as fast as lava. It is important that you shoot at all the bosses and destruct everything in sight to manage to win over them. You can swipe sheep with your sword and eat them to make sure you sleep up and power up.

Hold your Dragon

Remember, that your dragon is designed to move on its own. So, even if you don’t touch anything, it will stay above the ground. You can always tap and hold the screen of yours to make dive underground. Letting go of the screen means that your dragon will keep flying back up. A minor tap midair will ensure that you simply drop on the ground rather quickly.

Also, if you let go prior to hitting the ground, you won’t be diving under either.

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So, guys! Those were my easy tricks in Dragon Hills, which has proved to be pretty useful to me. I hope my tips have helped you too, and if you have more to share, don’t forget to leave it right here in the comments section.

Till then, happy gaming ya’ll!

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