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Accuweather App: A Local Weather Forecast

AccuWeather app was release August 22, 2018, on play store and also has updates on it is made for Android and iOS users. The app is a weather forecast app but it is even more interesting as it provides various widget features and an informative home screen features with weather notifications. It displays current and two-day forecasts from your saved home locations and it displays some cool verities of home screen clocks. The app also contains the weather reports of over 2.7 million locations also contains some weather alerts for U.S locations.

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Features of Accuweather App:

1. AccuWeather app also includes a weather forecast of some inclement worldwide. AccuWeather app has a forecast of next 15 upcoming days and it gets updated every 2 hours with weather videos, lifestyle forecasts, and weather radar for all of North America and worldwide satellite with overlaying of google maps.

2. Users have also shown their love towards AccuWeather app by downloading it and leaving behind positive feedbacks with good ratings many of users have commented positively for AccuWeather app.

3. The core aim of the AccuWeather app is to build up upon their abilities. And create the app which will be easy to operate, available quite comfortably offering them widgets and many other features. and making it convenient for the users and trying to improve their quality as much as possible.

4. AccuWeather app is available for Android on most of the android devices including latest devices like Nexus 7.

5. The app also offers a version which does not contain any ads in it and the name of that version is AccuWeather platinum which has a one time fee of $2.99.

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6. On the AccuWeather app, nearly billion of people rely on it and it really provides good service to them.

7. If any sudden change in weather occurs, AccuWeather app can detect it. It notifies you so you can remain updated with the latest weather and can make your plans for rest of the day.

8. With the help of AccuWeather app, you can plan your next plans and AccuWeather app also contains a feature will help you to notify weather of a particular day of a weak or of the month.

9. AccuWeather app also has the special feature that it gives you latest weather reports of the area which you visit so that you can make plans according to the conditions of the particular area where you visit.

10. AccuWeather app also provides you with the latest weather forecast news, videos and much more interesting features that too on your smartphones or tablets.

11. The app gives you customized contains and graphical representation of climate and presentations videos. The AccuWeather app provides all the latest updates not only on your smartphones and tablets but also on various radio stations and newspaper.

12. AccuWeather is a very reliable app and provides accurate weather forecast to over more than 40000 third-party applications.


AccuWeather app is the worlds most fast grossing accurate weather forecasting app and it also contains detailed information about weather reports. The app is continuously upgrading itself. Get to know more about the updates and new features of the Accuweather via our articles.

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