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7 Best Casino App Picks for Beginners

What’s better than sitting relaxed at your computer, with a blanket on your lap, hot cocoa on your table, and a slot machine whirring away on your screen? Not much, except not being tethered to your computer chair and having the same access to your casino from anywhere.

Mobile (i)Gaming: An explosive market

Mobile devices have improved by leaps and bounds in the past several decades. Blackberry devices went from being the definitive phone game experience and referenced in music to barely being remembered by generation Z. Smartphones have become more powerful pieces of tech and far more connected than previously possible.

The definitive, conclusive list:

With new tech available every day, online casino apps enable ease of gameplay like never seen before. Whether you are a veteran or a new entrant in the world of mobile gambling, here is a list of our premier casino app experiences:

7. Wild Casino

Perhaps not the perfect fit for a newcomer, Wild Casino offers incredible opportunities for high rollers to spread their wings. The hot streak mechanic should be enough of an indication of this, where wagering $1,000 per day levels up your account exponentially and eventually culminates in a large bonus.

Although this doesn’t perfectly translate into the beginner experience, it can be a perfect fit for those already financially stable and looking to bet more. Wager as much as $10,000 per round/hand on a variety of slots and table games. The only caveat is a poorly optimized mobile experience, currently forbidding me from listing it any higher on the list.


If the name didn’t already give it away, is dedicated to all slot players. With a large variety of games on offer from 14 different game studios, the nearly 10-year-old casino has had plenty of time to master their craft and the specific niche of slot machines and jackpot titles.

Slots are naturally adjusted for the mobile platform. With limited mechanics, a few simple symbols, and animations to paste onto a display, the casino app is nonetheless lag-free and well-optimized. This is in tandem with excellent, 24/7 support.

5. Red Dog

Red Dog casino is yet another top online casino that boasts, amongst a huge welcome bonus, an excellent library of high RTP games. Mobile gaming, especially for the more inexperienced players, is often in a more relaxed environment. Having a high return means that you are less likely to face intense losses (or wins), which can bring with it a more stress-free atmosphere.

These games are varied in nature but exclusively provided by software giant RealTime Gaming with free play features on all games included. This is along with no transaction fees on any payment method, although balanced by a high withdrawal of $150.

4. Las Atlantis

The lost city of Atlantis evokes vivid imagery of uncharted treasures hidden in the ruins of the city and an excellent adventure to boot. Las Atlantis is a casino application colorfully inspired by this, boasting an underwater theme that is more classy than several of the other choices.

Las Atlantis offers a sleek design while still offering a large variety of games by publisher Realtime Gaming. Another aspect especially useful for new players is a large amount of regular attention-grabbing promotions, something extra on top of the already large initial deposit bonus.

3. Super Slots

Perhaps the greatest asset of Super Slots is its abundance of options for payment methods, bonuses, and low payment times. With a heavy emphasis on crypto and fiat methods, just about any method of holding monetary value can be used on this website, and exponentially boosted.

The downside, unfortunately, is the rest of the experience. Although a compatible payment method is one of the most important factors in choosing an online casino, it causes both the variety of games offered and actual mobile optimization to suffer. This does not mean that the experience is insufficient, but perhaps not as snappy as other competitors focused on mobile.

2. Ignition

One of the few online casinos that specifically focus on great mobile game design, Ignition is one of the finest experiences on the market. Whether android or apple, the casino operates without a hitch. Across both the main casino app and the dedicated poker app, optimization is flawless, without a single dropped frame or laggy experience.

On top of this is the community surrounding the casino and its air-miles-style rewards. Through a dedicated and active forum, new users have a chance to engross themselves in the online casino fanbase and discuss games with like-minded individuals. And, as even more incentive to have fun, Ignition miles actually give the player rewards for their continued support of the app.

1. Lucky Tiger

With a charming name and an aesthetic heavily inspired by oriental forests, Lucky Tiger is our overall pick for the best beginner experience. Although the other casino apps are perfectly suitable for your first time, Lucky Tiger combines excellent optimization and customer support with a whimsical aspect of adventuring.

Lucky Tiger’s unique feature is a sequence of daily quests and special adventures. These often lead you to different slot machines or parts of the app you are otherwise unfamiliar with. Ignoring the various bonuses, free chips, or generous welcome packages, it is these daily missions that lead the player to the new experiences direly needed by any new player.

Take it easy: You can try a few

One thing to always remember when you are a beginner – in any circle – is your unique ability to try. Trying things out is one of the modern, interconnected world’s best-kept secrets.

Download a few of these apps and see how they fare on your specific device and by your routine. Perhaps some of our suggestions, while good-natured, may simply not be accurate when examining. at your playstyle.

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