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Sololearn App Review | How It Works Effectively ?


Sololearn is the best way to learn basic coding. It is a highly interactive app that will help to learn basic coding and expand your skills in other programming languages. All this could be done right away from this application.

Coding is the next future when a skilled person can earn a decent amount of money either through job or freelancing. In this course to learn various programming languages such as JavaScript, C++, CSS, Python, HTML Jquery, Ruby, Swift or C# to get a perfect application to guide you in this courses. The Sololearn app has various apps embedded in it through which you can get a proper guidance in all the above-mentioned programming languages. But now the developers of this app has included all the guide to the programming languages in it.


The course in this app has great structure so that the candidate can learn any programming easily. The topics that you learn is short and the question-answer session will make it easy for you to learn. At the end of the chapter, it will take a final test that will help you to memorize the whole thing.

Sololearn HTML has 44 chapters with the question and answers session to grow your personal skill in HTML. Same as HTML Sololearn python has 92 chapters, Sololearn css has 71 chapters, Sololearn Javascript has 51 chapters, PHP has chapters and Ruby has 57 chapters. All these chapters carry the exact amount of content to make you strong in any particular programming language.

The Shortcut link helps you take a test of yourself so that you can judge your progress in the lesson. If flying colors is shown on your display then you could move to the next level with good passing marks.

One of the things with this app is that it will provide you with a gaming experience while learning the particular language. The challenges, the XP points are way too much fun to learn anything.

Tabs in Sololearn:

The app contains 5 tabs such as Play, Learn, Discuss and code. All the programming languages you want to learn can be done with the learn tab.

To calculate the coding skill you have to go to the Play tab. If you win on the play tab then it will earn you bonus points. That can be used for hints or get a bypass course certificate.

The social features in this app are in the form of Discuss and Code tab where one can read and share what other people have written. You can also get some tips for using this app for your benefit. Through this, you can clear your doubts and get some good advice in the field of computer programming.

Sololearn Review:

Sololearn app is very impressive according to me, due to its course structure. It will strengthen your skill by providing basic knowledge of the programming language. The question and answer session and the funny games will give you more interest in the programming language. After learning each course Sololearn will provide the candidate with Sololearn certificate. So the overall review of this app is very positive and according to me, it is one of the best programmings language learning application.

Here I have discussed the course structure, tabs and other features of this app. Which I have found to be very overwhelming. So if you want to learn to programming then without thinking just download this app and put a step forward into the world of programming. And if you have anything more to know regarding this app then let us know by commenting below.

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