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Is Viber Free And Safe To Use | Viber Features And App Review

Viber is one of the finest apps for smartphone users. It allows to make calls for free and even also for video calls in other hands. The app is very popular and admirable in every region as it opens a different platform for making calls in a free manner. Though the app is alternate to WhatsApp and Skype but at the same time, it claims more than 5 hundred users in millions. With Viber app, you could make calls to your dear ones or to other people just whenever or wherever. This lets you have a different way to connect with other people.

The Viber is simple to use as just like as its alternates which is convenient. It is the easiest way for users to communicate with others over smartphones. The Viber is available for Play Store, iTunes and also in windows phone.

How & Why Viber is Most Famous App Among Video Calling Apps?

Viber connects people at one point with its special advantage. It has the voice over internet protocol tool which stands for VOIP. This lets you have the whole world in your hands for share messages and voice calls. Also get to use stickers and other multimedia merits. Sometimes while using other apps same as Viber doesn’t allow to do the alike benefits. As the Viber app holds millions of users and that really a major factor for gaining such popularity.

Communication through Viber app is simple and identifiable which other apps cannot perform well. The bypassing benefit users achieve on Viber is something unique as due to VOIP which allow for calling at a cheaper cost. The voice call on Viber to Viber users is quick and free to use while on other networks also. That’s why most users appreciate the Viber app.

Viber Feature:

  • Very fast to access and safe.
  • Works without being register on the app.
  • Requires only mobile number to connect with others.
  • Free voice & video calls at same time.
  • Voice can be done using mobile internet or over WI-FI networks.
  • Calls are fast and have clarity.
  • Calling is efficient and effective both.
  • Texting is easy including emoji.
  • Group messaging feature is enabled.
  • Cheaper rate for calls whether on the landline or a mobile phone.
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is enabled.
  • Various stickers are available for entertainment.
  • Most features are interesting since its first release and recently updated version.

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Viber App Review:

According to my view, this is one of the impressive app compared to other apps in the market right now. All the features are similar to WhatsApp and wechat but some of the extra features of it amaze me. Like the HD calling feature is much better than other apps. I along my other friends love to use this app for group messaging, sharing files and the video calling feature. So if you are impressed by my post then install it and explore the world of instant messaging service with Viber.


These are the full details on Viber app along with its review which is safe to use. Make calls to your desired people using your registered mobile phone number. It doesn’t cost users much in comparison to the mobile carrier which takes place over your internet data. Calls are also possible through wi-fi for better enhancement with HD calling. The app may not work in some regions as due to its services are blocked. Its because in some countries the Viber is threat for mobile phone carries which depends. If users still find difficulty than let us know by your valuable comments here.

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