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10 Best 9Apps Games for Android ( 9Apps all versions download guide)

With the immense popularity of Android devices, the demand for android apps also increasing day by day. We need a medium from where we download android apps for our smartphones. Usually, we use the play store to install apps. 9apps is also a tiny app store by which you can download your favorite and trending apps without any hassle. Its most noticeable thing is that it can function on slower connections like 2G and 3G. 9 Apps occupy a very little space in your Android device as it is only of 2.7 MB. 9 Apps’ speed is faster as comparatively other apps. Now the 9apps is available for PC.

Download 9apps app store to download top android games in 2018.

Update: Check how to install 9Apps app store on your devices securely. Also check how much it is secure to download 9Apps store. Why nowadays people preferring 9Apps store to play games and apps. 

9apps for android all version:

From its inception, there are being many versions of 9app that has amazed us in many ways. All the versions are very effective within their limited amount of time. So below are some of the 9apps download android all versions that you have used in the course of time.

  1. 9Apps APK
  2. 9Apps APK
  3. 9Apps APK
  4. 9Apps APK
  5. 9Apps APK
  6. Old Version: 9Apps APK
  7. Old Version: 9Apps 1.2.8 APK
  8. Old Version: 9Apps 1.2.7 APK
  9. 9Apps APK
  10. 9Apps 1.2.6 APK
  11. 9Apps 1.2.5 APK
  12. 9Apps 1.2.4 APK
  13. 9Apps 1.2.3 APK
  14. 9Apps 1.2.2 APK
  15. 9Apps 1.2.1 APK
  16. 9Apps 1.2.0 APK
  17. 9Apps 1.1.9 APK
  18. 9Apps 1.1.8 APK
  19. 9Apps 1.1.7 APK
  20. 9Apps 1.1.6 APK

9apps apk file download 2019:

Below are the steps that will guide you to 9apps download 2018 easily on your Android phone.

  • Click here to download 9apps apk file.
  • It will take a moment to get the download, once it is done go to your file manager to know the destination folder where it is saved.
  • Click/tap on the apk file to start the installation.
  • Then go to home screen and click on the 9apps icon to launch the application.

Keep in mind that before installing apk file you have to enable the unknown sources setting on your device. So following are the steps to enable it.

  • Open settings.
  • Go to security settings.
  • Click/tap to enable the unknown sources settings.
  • Then start the installation.

Top 10 Android Games of 2018 From 9Apps

If you are looking for the best games of 2018 for the android device then you are on right place. I picked top 10 games to which you can download through 9 Apps. Take a look below to give them a position on your phone.

Ludo Master

Let’s talk about one of the famous and stimulating games of 2018, Ludo Master. If you want memories your childhood experiences then ludo master is the best choice for you. It is an online board game and 2 to 4 players can play it at a time. At the initial stage you will find this game simple but after reaching on higher levels it becomes tougher.

Image result for ludo master games

In Ludo Master, you will get 4 token and with these tokens, you have to move on the board to the finish line. You will be the winner if you will get all the 4 tokens first. All the moves are taken on the basis of a six-sided dice. You can download it with 9 Apps easily.

Hill Climbing Racing

Hill climbing racing is a physics-based game with more thrill. In this game, you have to pass through various racing stages. Your main motive in this game is to collect coins while driving. You get electric powered vehicles for crossing different stages and for operating you need gas and batteries. You will experience amazing stunts in this game. You will get coins if you will reach the set distance by passing given stages or by manipulating tough tricks in the air.

Image result for hill climbing racing

You can upgrade your vehicles by with coins or unlock new stages. It is the totally addictive game and must try the game.

Temple Run 2

If you are looking for a running with lots of jumping and turning then Temple Run 2 will definitely satisfy you. It is a legion running video game for more excitement. In Temple Run, you have to pass through zip lines, mine terrains, waterfalls and fire jets for escaping the ill-fated god. There are some exciting power-ups for you and you will get green gems at the time of running. You can download temple run 2 with 9apps.

Image result for temple run

  • Wonderful graphics
  • Eye-catching environment
  • New hurdles
  • ‘Unique power-ups for different characters
  • Larger Monkey

You can also try hack and cheats of temple run 2. With this hack version you can easily clear all the level.

Race the traffic

Another top listed game of 9 apps game, Race The Traffic is a 3D car racing game. In this game, the player’s motive is to thrive through traffic on a dual carriageway. There are three modes of the game and you can choose according to you but the goal of all three is the same. There is a daytime and nighttime setting to be chosen.

Image result for race the traffic game

The money which you will get after racing can spend on buying new cars. You can also boost up your car with more speed, effective controls. There are two driving modes it’s all your choice whether you choose touch-only commands or your vehicle’s accelerometer.

  • 3 game modes
  • Huge collection of cars
  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Thrilling racing
  • Stunning music

Super Bheem Clash

Super Bheem is the hero of all kids. Every child is crazy about him and his actions. Super Bheem Clash is a fighting game in which Super Bheem plays the role of a hero. He faced the enemy for saving the kingdom. In super bheem clash you have to apply all the strategies to save the kingdom.

Image result for super bheem clash

You can use chop-chop moves and release the superpowers on the Puny Minions for moving them back.

  • Simple controls
  • Exciting 3D world
  • Unique dragon power-ups with striking animation
  • Amazing prizes
  • Slow motion brawler attacks

My Talking Tom

Wanna want to play a virtual game then My Talking Tom is the most suitable game for you. In this game, you will meet a cute kitten named Tom. You have to take care of her like a kid. You will feed him at the proper time and let him sleep timely. Tom repeats everything you speak in a funny manner.

Image result for my talking tom

Tom comes with lots of tiny games like puzzle, action and adventure games. When you play games then Tom grows up and you can upgrade him with new clothes and new gadgets for his house. You can also customize his look as a Pilot, An Astronaut or a superhero. Millions of people are making fun with Talking Tom then why you stay behind. It is a free game so hurry up and download it from 9 apps.

8 Ball Pool

Try something different with 8 Ball pool. 8 Ball Pool is the multiplayer online game. In this game, you will play billiards with different players and friends free of cost. You have to win tournaments for upgrading your level. With each win, you will get coins and you can customize the cues with these coins. This is an online game so you must need the internet connection for playing this.

Image result for 8ball pool

  • Better gaming experience
  • You can choose your native language
  • Provoke your friends
  • Exclusive match spots

Subway Surfers Game

Let’s discuss one of my favorite games Subway Surfers. I spend almost couple of hours on this game because it is so addictive. In this game, you have to act the role of the teenage hoodie. They scratched on the metro railway sight and an Inspector is behind them with a dog. As you run in this game you will get coins. So run as fast as you can for escaping the inspector. To download subway surfers click on this link.

Image result for subway surfers game

  • Crush trains with the refreshing crew
  • Amazing HD graphics
  • Dare and co-operate with your friend
  • Jetpacks

Candy Crush Saga Game

If you love to play puzzle games then Candy Crush Saga is the best choice for you. Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle game. In this game, you have to make rows of 3 or more candies and after bursting them you will get ingredients. Instant moves and smart thinking will be honoured with tasty candy combos. There are boosters for finishing higher levels.

Image result for candy crush saga games

You can invite your Facebook friends for joining you. This game will make you socially active. Millions of people all over the world are playing this most addictive online game. Definitely, you will be addictive of this game after playing this. You can also try candy crush saga hack version to clear all the level easily.

  • You can sync this game between two devices.
  • Huge variety of tasty candies and boosters
  • Numerous levels and puzzles for more twist

City Gangster Shooting Game

Action games are immensely popular now a days as these games look more challenging. City Gangster shooting game is an action based games and you have to eliminate the gangsters. Your motive in this game is to beat terror with your powers and weapons.

Image result for city gangster shooting game

You will earn by killing enemies so kill more and more enemies with shooting skills. You can buy marvellous guns to shoot gangsters. This is a first-person shooting game and full of thrill.

  • Free to play
  • Huge range of guns
  • Simple and unique gameplay
  • Improve your moral values

Well, I have described all the top rated 9 Apps android games. All the games have different features and way of playing. Just observe them and choose according to your taste. If you want to know about any specific game, comment below. Also, share your experience regarding these games.

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