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Getting a Celebrity to Endorse Your Charity

Hiring celebrities to endorse your charity can be thrilling and nerve-wracking for many reasons. Not only does their voice bring more attention to your charity, but it also reflects well on them to care about humanitarian causes. If they misstep or don’t fit your brand, though, it could end up looking disastrous for your charity.

These are the important things to consider when getting a celebrity to endorse your charity!

Consider What Type of Personality You Want

What type of celebrity do you want? Are you seeking out someone who’s known to care about humanitarian projects, or are you more interested in someone who currently has a large cultural impact? Think about what your charity needs, what type of celebrity the people attending your event would respond to, etc.

Ensure They Have an Interest in Your Charity

A celebrity endorsement is worth so much more if a celebrity truly supports the cause. Talk to the famous people you’re considering hiring, and ensure that their beliefs align with yours.

If you feel like there’s a clash of interests or they don’t believe in your cause, this could cause tension and may undo any of the good they would do for your charity by speaking on behalf of it. You can be honest with them and ask for their views on a topic if you’re nervous about this.

Consider also looking into any recent drama they may have stirred online to make sure they’re a safe horse to hitch your wagon to.

Don’t Try to Make Them Work For Free.

Although your charity may be a nonprofit, this doesn’t mean that the celebrity needs to do this work for free. Unless they’re passionate about your cause and offer to volunteer their time and name to your charity, don’t try to get them to donate their efforts.

Instead, talk to them about how much they require for payment and figure out a way to budget around this amount.

Consider Hiring An Impersonator For Fun Events

If you can’t afford to hire a celebrity, consider hiring an impersonator who looks like them for parties! Make sure that you don’t try to pass off this impersonator as the real thing and make it fun and interesting for everyone involved. This isn’t something you should do if you’re able to score the actual celebrity because it may be seen as disrespectful or mocking them.

Set Clear Lines On What’s Expected of Everyone

There should be clear lines on what’s expected both from your charity and from the celebrity. If they’re supposed to be a charity ambassador for your charity, you’re going to have to pay them far more for social media posts and interactions where they mention your charity.

Figure out how much you want them to interact with, and if it’s a singular party or an ongoing project where you’ll work together.

If there are only certain topics you feel are safe to discuss while endorsing your charity, let them know or give them a loose script to work from! The best business relationship is one that’s clear and honest about what’s needed.

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