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10 Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for a family member or friend who’s always into the latest, newfangled piece of tech? Don’t know where to start? Even if you’re totally tech allergic and don’t have a technical bone in your body, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Here are 10 awesome gift ideas for tech lovers, from phone accessories to gaming devices and beauty innovations. Some of these tech-inspired gifts are even compact enough to be stocking stuffers.

AirTag Case

Apple’s latest innovation, the AirTag, has techies buying them up left and right. Designed to help you hunt down items you often lose track of, from your backpack or purse to your dog who frequently chases squirrels, the AirTag is already a huge hit. The problem is, Apple’s sleek disc-shaped AirTags need an extra accessory to attach it where you need it. Luckily, brands like Case-Mate offer stylish and rugged AirTag cases designed to secure a keychain, wallet, sports equipment, a dog collar and much, much more.

Cell Phone Case

Know someone who just got the latest iPhone 13? Whether they’re team Apple or prefer Androids like Samsung and Google Pixels, there is a wide range of stylish cell phone cases. The perfect gift idea for tech lovers, you can find cases for all sorts of phone models that will keep their phones looking like a fashionable accessory. Plus, with clever built-in techs like MagSafe chargers, plant-based materials and halo lighting for creating social-share-worthy selfies and video content, you can find some of the best phone cases on the market.

AirPods Case

Another awesome gift idea for tech lovers? An Apple AirPods case that protects their AirPods from scratches, drops and damage. Secure the clip to personal accessories like a purse, gym bag or even a pants belt loop to keep the AirPods close by. That way, they can listen to their favorite playlist and albums on repeat all the time.

Flexible Lighting Tubes

See your tech family member or friends’ faces light up with this gift — literally. This super-fun tech gadget features a flexible and flat light tube that can change colors and bend around objects. Perfect for tweens and teens, a flexible lighting tube can be wrapped around a bed headboard, study area or even illuminate the inside of a tent. Designed to work with a remote or even phone apps, they can customize the color, brightness level and even have it pulsate a rainbow of colors to their favorite beats. Of course, this is even a fun gift for adults, too!

Polaroid Instant Camera

Even those who follow the most advanced tech will appreciate a little nostalgia. A great gift for photographers and those who just appreciate classic, vintage stuff, the Polaroid Instant Camera blends the best of both worlds. A brand new take on the iconic Polaroid picture camera, it gives you that instant gratification of a picture you can hold. The Polaroid Now+ i-Type Instant Camera comes with a rainbow of lens filters and an app that allows them to still play around and adjust the image digitally.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Give your tech-loving gamer some entertainment with a Nintendo Switch Lite. This compact gaming console allows teen and adult gamers alike to play their favorite games on the go. A Nintendo Switch Lite is also compatible with over 2,000 games (and counting). From trending games like Animal Crossing to classics like Legend of Zelda, a Nintendo Switch Lite offers hours of fun.

Amazon Luna Controller

Are you looking for more gift ideas for gamers? Check out Amazon’s cloud-based gaming service that allows them to forgo consoles and game buying altogether. Instead, simply sign up for a subscription that offers games on PCs, tablets, phones and Fire TVs. With this subscription, you can use the controllers from an already-owned Playstation 4, Xbox One or your mouse and keyboard. But if you want them to have something more tangible to unwrap to accompany the subscription service, the Amazon Luna Controller is the perfect thing.

Phone UV-C Sanitizer

Did you know our phones can collect all kinds of germs and bacteria? Yeah, it’s pretty gross. That’s why phones need to be cleaned and sanitized frequently. But instead of wasting tons of sanitizing wipes, use a phone UV sanitizer. A phone sanitizer can rest inside a front entryway or on top of a desk, using UV-C rays to clean and charge phones and other tech gear safely.

Wireless Charger

Help your techie friend or family member keep a clutter-free desk space with a wireless charger. Choose a charging device that can keep their phone, smartwatch and earbuds good and charged. Choose something sleek and sexy with a metallic base or something with a pop of color or print — whatever suits their tastes or their work from home office. One thing’s for sure — with a wireless charger, their desk will be made neat and tidy.

Facial Toning Device

Skincare tech has come a long way. Today, you can find skincare tech devices that can tell you you’re hydrated, increase circulation, tighten pores and build collagen. So if you know someone who loves tech and is always trying the latest, trendiest skincare regimen, get them a facial toning device. And preferably a mini-sized one they can take on trips. A mini facial toning device features electrical microcurrents that exercise the muscles in the face and neck, providing benefits that create a perfect complexion. Slip in a few face masks and bath bombs to round out the gift.

Hopefully, these incredible gift ideas for tech lovers have given you some insight and inspiration. Whether you slip them into a stocking or wrap them for a significant gift, each of these items is sure to please a special someone this holiday season.

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