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Why is Gucci so Popular & Successful Being Expensive | Gucci Millenial

Do you ever wonder what gives Gucci the unique value even if its super expensive on your wallet? Anybody who spends $26000 on their crocodile Jackie bag is not going to forget that number anytime soon, not at least me.

Even till today, very recent Gucci revamped their brand and got millennials hooked on to it. They have given the millennials a luxury brand come back.

But that has never stopped Gucci from being the luxury brand that it is. Because of the uncompromised quality. Gucci has never been for the ones with a faint heart, so if you can afford enough for their bold 70’s prints with bright colors then, you are in for a ride.

So what makes Gucci the brand that it is?

Ever so seldom does a fashion designer create something that pushes the benchmark for fashion? For you, Gucci does.

Outstanding Branding that speaks to people

If you remember the 50’s era of fashion, then you would know why Gucci’s success was unstoppable yet being an expensive purchase. Gucci put their name on a pair of jeans or bag way before any brands did.

So if you can afford a Gucci, then like me you are interested in the statement you are making with your brand purchase. Nobody ever has to ask you if your bag is from Gucci because they see the logo splashed right across it.

That is the statement their prominent kind of branding has done; it has changed how you see fashion.

Their branding through celebrity status

Let us be honest here if you see Scarlet Johanson wearing a Gucci; chances are you may want to.

One of the earliest forms of celebrity status attached to Gucci items were back from the days of Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy.

They believe in a Millenial Revamp

If you have kept up with recent fashion headlines, then you know that Gucci has made a come back for luxury brands.

Gucci has brought you back the bold floral prints and embroidered handbags making it such a sought out luxury product these days. Not just purses because of course how can you talk about Gucci and not bags.

Gucci has blurred the lines between street and formal so well, that now you know being a Gucci Millenial is a thing. Millennials are known to not go for big brands but more for quality.

Cucci has managed to penetrate through the millennial denial of luxury products, bring you even better quality and stand out signatures and fabric textures.

EndNote – Why Gucci is so successful even though expensive?

So here’s the thing, people like you and me who go after the signature labels know that Gucci’s quality is untouchable.

Gucci has brought you a fashion revolution that has everyone playing on the same side. After all, who would have thought wearing fur loafers were even ever a thing!

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