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Hero Hunters Guide: Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Hero Hunters is a third person shooter game available on both the Android and iOS platforms. Developed by Hothead games, Hero Hunters has been downloaded over 5 million times and has a rating of over 4.4 on Google Play store. Here, in our Hero Hunters Guide, we will look at some tips and tricks for beginners.

The game follows the usual formula with destructible environments, several gameplay modes and upgradable rosters of characters. There are many microtransactions that you can do in the game to quickly go up in rank. However, if you want to play the game completely for free, you can still do that but it will take you a very long time to ascend the ranks.

Although the game requires you to work really hard to move ahead, there are a few ways in which you can save time and money. And you don’t have to sacrifice the fun parts of the game for this. But first let’s look at the gameplay:

Hero Hunters Guide: Gameplay

The AI is Hero Hunters is better than even many similar games on PC/consoles. Although it is the same turn-based gameplay style where you level up by actively playing the game, the game can be fun.

This game is unique in the way that not only does a single character earn XP points for tasks, the entire team of characters that you are running is awarded XP points. What this means is that you don’t have to keep switching between characters to build up XP for each of them. You also don’t have to worry about keeping track of whether you used a particular character in a certain battle or not.Hero Hunters Guide image 2

In instances where you are not using any character during the battle, the game’s AI will take over and unlike many other games, the AI does a really good job. It will not only take out random enemies in a weird way but may actually be as good as the player in taking out an enemy.

The only problem with this is that the computer doesn’t always run perfectly and many times, the AI will deploy its skills at the wrong time. Hence, it is helpful to switch between characters to use their skills at the right time.

Tip – Always have a healer on your team. When in need of their ability, switch quickly and often to them.

Hero Hunters Guide: Hero Types

There are a total of three Hero elemental types in the game. Each of them has unique strengths and weaknesses against the other types.

  • Energy (Green) – Very useful against Biochem
  • Biochem (Blue) – Very useful against Mechanical
  • Mechanical (Orange) – Very useful against Energy

They work just like the game rock, paper, and scissors. One beats the other and is beaten by another. When you are in the battle, you can see a green or red arrow that can be seen while aiming at an enemy. A green arrow means you have a good chance of handling the fight. Red means you may probably lose. Hero Hunters guide image 3

Tip – Control the strongest character so that you can use its power to quickly kill the main boss. Let the AI handle the other weak characters that you have. Once you have killed the boss, the wave will generally end.

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Hero Hunters Guide: Hero Roles

There are three kinds of roles that the heroes in hero hunters fall into

  • Front Line – These heroes spawn close to the enemy
  • Mid-Line – These heroes spawn in the middle of the battlefield and hence should be high DPS heroes.
  • Support – These heroes are at the back of the line and should ideally be long-range fighters or healers to heal your front and middle line.

As there are a limited number of positions where these heroes can spawn, sometimes the wrong type of hero may spawn at the wrong place. For example, a sniper may end up on the front line.

Tip – Always check the roles of your team while setting up your team for a mission. You can see this in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

Hero Hunters Guide: Hero Abilities

All the heroes have their own abilities. What’s better is that you can also upgrade these abilities as you level up the heroes. You can learn how to do this at the beginning of the game when you are taken through the game walkthrough. The game will keep recommending to you the right time to spend to upgrade the abilities of your heroes.

Hero Hunters Guide: Currency

The most commonly used currency in the game is gold. However, there are other currencies that you can use too. For example, there are also bucks, quick win tickets, PvP gens and gauntlet gems.


The gamer can use gold primarily to purchase new Heroes. You can also unlock new heroes by opening Hero Crates. The gold can also be used to buy items from the Black Market. Gold can also be used to recharge stamina by tapping plus sign next to the lightning bolt icon.

In order to earn gold, you must level up after you finish the missions. You can also earn gold by earning achievements and by completing daily quests.

Tip – Campaigns generally cost 5 stamina, but you don’t spend any stamina in other game modes.


Bucks are used in the game to upgrade the skills and to evolve your heroes. You can use the bucks to buy hero fragments. You can also purchase certain items and silver crates with bucks. Bucks can be earned at the end of each mission. So, it’s helpful to try to get 3-stars on each mission.

Quik Win Tickets

On completion of missions, the gamer gets rewarded with loot and certain items that are needed to level up the heroes. At the beginning of the level, the game will show you what items you can win by beating the level. However, it is not a guarantee that you will get all these items on winning the battle.

Here, you can instantly gain the loot with the help of quick win tickets as long as you won with a 3-star rating. Luckily for us, quick win tickets are not rare in the game. So, you can keep using it as much as possible.

PvP Gems

PvP Gems are just like Bucks. You can use them to buy hero fragments. You will get PvP gems for kills that you achieve in PvP mode.

Gauntley Gems

Finally, Gauntlet Gems can be earned from Caches in the Gauntlet mode. These can also be used to purchase Hero fragments, as well as Gear, XP, and Gear fragments in the Gauntlet store. Gauntlet gems are constantly refreshing. So, you don’t need to buy it with gold.

Hero Hunters Guide: Conclusion

Although we tried to cover all the features of Hero Hunters in this Hero Hunters guide, there is more to the game than we can cover in this article. But, with the use of the above tips, we are sure most beginners will be able to play and win at the game.

Did you like our Hero Hunters guide? What do you think about the game? Should we add something to the guide? Tell us in the comments section below:

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