Hill Climb Racing 2 New Amazing Features And User’s Reviews

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a classic racing game developed by Fingersoft. The game is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms and is the 8th top grossing racing game on Google play store. You can download hill climb racing 2 on PC. With over 100 million downloads so far, it is one of the most widely played games on handheld devices. Yet, it has managed to maintain a rating of over 4.6. In this article, we will look at Hill Climb Racing 2 Reviews from the users who have played the game.

Hill Climb Racing 2, as you can guess from the name, is a sequel to Hill Climb Racing. And it is a perfect sequel. The game successfully carries over the original gameplay elements of Hill Climb Racing. The game still has the easy to jump into an acrobatic driving challenge from the original game. In fact, Fingersoft has improved upon every aspect of the game.

The graphics of the game are much more detailed, the controls are better than before, and the game now has multiplayer modes for even more fun. There also are many customizations that take the game from a normal game to a game that is progress-focused and reward-laden. This makes it a game you want to play regularly instead of playing only when you are bored.

Hill Climb Racing 2: Features and Gameplay

The game still features the basic gameplay of Hill Climb Racing. The gamer controls a jeep, to begin with, and the jeep is piloted by Newton Bill or his female counterpart. The vehicle zips along a rough, bumpy, hilly road. The player has two options available – acceleration and braking. You must use these two properly to pass through steep inclines, steep declines, logs, rocky crevices and many other similar obstacles.

Just as with the previous game, the vehicle doesn’t seem to bother much with gravity or matter physics. No matter how big the vehicle looks, it can do wheelies, fly and even flip over very easily.

Performing these tricks will bring you bonus points in the form of coins. But make sure your head doesn’t touch the ground or the game is over.Hill Climb Racing 2 Reviews image 2

Although there’s not much that the player does apart from accelerating and braking, the game requires the player to use his wits and develop his skill. The player must progress quickly before fuel runs out. The vehicle must be running at high speed to cross hills. And there’s always the chance that you will fall and break your neck. To avoid this fate, you will have to course correct mid-air a lot.

There are many vehicle options available for the player to unlock and each vehicle behaves and drives differently. The jeep you begin the game with is slow but won’t topple over as much. The scooter will easily topple over and is wobbly, but it has good speed and is very light. Then there is the super jeep that is just ridiculously fast and rugged.

You must unlock faster vehicles to keep passing new challenges. You must learn how a car behaves in the weird game physics. The vehicle parts also need to be constantly upgraded so that the performance of the vehicle keeps improving.

But this is all that you already knew if you have played the original game. What’s new?

Hill Climb Racing 2: What’s New?

The biggest change in Hill Climb Racing 2 is the improved handling of the game. The vehicle still bounces and feels more like a roller coaster that flies off far too much, but the physics are much better as compared to the original game.

Another big change is the inclusion of decor and reward chests. The player can now put on different hats, shirts, pants and even heads on Newton Bill. While this may not be a great addition in many games, in games like this where most of the time you are staring at the player, this can be a good add-on. The addition of reward chests gives you something else to do apart from simply clearing the challenge.

But the REAL change that the game brings over the predecessor is its race mode. Here, in the “Cups” challenge, the player can go play a short race with three other players. Although the challenges still feel like the main part of the game, the races are where the game truly excels.Hill Climb Racing 2 reviews image 3

With all the good, there’s also some bad.

The frequency of ads in the game has increased a lot over the predecessor and it gets frustrating at times.

The races that you play against other players are not actually other players, but their ghost versions.

There is a smaller selection of vehicles available, to begin with, and you need to unlock better vehicles.

In the hacked version of hill climb racing 2 there are also many hidden features and with the help of these features, you can easily clear all the levels.

Hill Climb Racing 2: Reviews from users

Let us now look at how users are finding the game.

User Zach Land states that this is the only game he has downloaded on all of his devices including his phone, computer, and his iPad. The user finds the game to be a great timewaster and a rare game which doesn’t spam him with ads. He finds the game to be easy to play and very fun. Zach Land complains about the lack of new paints in the game and wants the developers to add the same.

User Ryan Benson has some suggestions for the developers. He feels that the developers should change the throttle from simply being on or off to be adjustable. He also suggests that the brakes should be different from reverse gear to hold the vehicle still on a hill.

User Jeremiah bell observes that the game went from being a great game to another commercial, pay to play the game. He notes that the levels are now much harder and there are too many ads in the game with increased frequency. He complains that the races are not against real players, but against ghosts.

User Cornelius Francis finds the game to be great. He adds that he likes the challenge to collect gold and upgrade cars, but feels that this is no longer the Hill Climb game it was. He sarcastically remarks that the game now feels more like Climbing Hill Chasing Fuel game.

User Robin Craig really likes the game and states that she had to uninstall the game to make room on his phone. When she reinstalled the game, she had lost all of his 6 months of progress and had to start from the beginning. She complains that her husband is so far ahead of her now because of this. She feels that in their races together, she stands no chance now.


Overall, users find the game to be still interesting and a good way to spend their time, but they complain of the increased frequency of ads in the game. Some users love the newly added race challenges, but many others find that it is useless as you are not racing against real players. Many users complain that the game takes a really long time to level up as compared to Hill Climb Racing.

We too found the game to be fun when we were bouncing over hills or leaving other users behind in the race. Flying off hills and trying to stay as long as possible in the air was really fun too. And this is why we loved the original game so much and why we are still in love with Hill Climb Racing 2.

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