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How Correctional Facilities Can Use Workforce Management Software to Improve Productivity

Correctional facilities often use software systems to streamline the receiving and releasing process. Tracking software helps them track visitors coming into or leaving the facility and helps ensure guard scheduling stays ahead of business needs. However, it is not just correctional facilities that can use this type of software to control the comings and goings of their operations. These jail management software systems have applications in the business sense, too. 

What is Workforce Management for Correctional Facilities and Jails?

Workforce management for correctional facilities & jails allows enforcement officer scheduling so that each shift has the correct proportion of guards to prisoners. As well as shift allocation, this software system can ensure the correct employee skills are on shift at the correct time. For example, a first aid-trained member of staff could always be on site simply with the application of a little code.

Workforce management for jails allows the authorities to automate the payroll process. The hours worked would feed into the system, allowing for the correct allocation of wages versus hours worked. You can sync it to your tax software, use it for specific data when you are hiring, and even receive analytical feedback about things like understaffing and overstaffing at certain times.

Now apply all that to your SME or large company. Can you see how the same software used by a correctional facility could benefit your own business? After all, the prison system is, at its core, a business operation. Prisons must be low-cost, and any savings go towards staying on budget. Here are areas of your business where this type of workforce management software for prisons and jails might help your company boost productivity.

Ways Correctional Facility Software Could Boost Business Productivity

Your business may benefit from the addition of a similar workforce management software system as the ones used in prisons and jails. Here are the perks of that software for your production.

Staff Scheduling

Avoid clashing days off, overstaffing, or understaffing, using this software. Streamline how many people are needed on each shift using the feedback the system gives you and lower the risk of being caught short-staffed in the future.

Payroll Accuracy

When you use a clock in/out system that feeds into the software, your employee hours worked are 100% accurate. This allows the software to determine the wage owed without you needing to do complex equations.

Hiring and Firing

Your HR processes can model themselves on the way the correction

facility software simplifies the intake and release process. Onboarding is a comparable situation, although with less regulation involved. The core principles of the software are the same. You can schedule training, see briefly when needs are not met, and even allocate new training tasks to other employees, all from the same program.

Skill Tracking

As well as allocating training tasks, your workforce management software solution might contain skill tracking, allowing you to easily see which employees can do what. Skills tracking integrates with task allocation on any given shift. The system can make sure that the skills on hand can tackle any unexpected situations that may arise.

Task Automation

Workforce management software such as that used by a jail includes task automation for some mundane daily tasks. Staff scheduling alone shaves two hours on average from a working week. Payroll automation is another time saver. Automating personal leave allowances, tax deductions, and more can all save time.

Workforce Management for Jails Can Save Your Business Time and Money

When you free up employee time from these mundane tasks, you allow your business to better productivity from end to end.

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