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Dafont: How to Download New Fonts? Dafont Calligraphy, script, price and more..

Dafont is a free font website where you can go to download a wide variety of free fonts. The website has thousands of fonts available for you to download in nearly every category that you can imagine. At the time of writing, there are over 36400 fonts available for download for free on

On the home page itself, you can see the list of different kinds of fonts available for download. You can choose any category to browse the various fonts available inside it.

Dafont has the following categories:

Fancy Fonts on Dafont

Fancy fonts are fonts that are not meant for professional use and are rather for funny texts or texts that are informal. The fancy category has many subcategories. Here are the subcategories:

  • Cartoon – The cartoon font category has fonts like Glitter Candy, Grobold, Stange Marvel, Jumping Frog, Bubblegum, etc. fonts on the main page for you to download. As you can understand from the name itself, these are meant for comic type texts. For example, if you want to make a logo for a comic website, this is the kind of font you would want for the website logo.
  • Comic – The comic font category has fonts like Badaboom, Shaka-pow, Indiana Jones, Komika Axis, etc. which are truly suitable fonts for comics. Many of the fonts, in fact, take their name for words which you will generally find inside a comic.

Fancy fonts have other categories like Groovy, Old School, Curly, Western, Eroded, Distorted, Destroy, Horror, etc. which all have hundreds of fonts inside the category.

Foreign Look Fonts on Dafont

Foreign look fonts are exactly what they sound like. They are fonts that emulate the look of foreign scripts while actually still writing in English. Look at the fonts in the image below:

Chinese fonts on Dafont image 1

As can be seen in the image above, the fonts give a sort of Chinese or Japanese look to the font. If you are looking to create an eastern look in your logo or your text, this is the category of fonts you should be interested in.

There are many subcategories within this.

The subcategories include subcategories like Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Mexica, Roman, Greek, Russian, others.

Techno Fonts on Dafont

The next major category is that of Techno fonts. These fonts look like technicologies we use on a daily basis. The square, for example, is similar to squares we are used to seeing in pixelated games of the past. Minecraft font, for example, emulates the square formation of Minecraft. Then, there’s the LCD and Sci-Fi section within Techno fonts. You can find fonts that look like fonts used in Star Wars or Batman or Transformers if you search within the sci-fi section.

Bitmap Fonts on Dafont

Bitmap fonts on Dafont are similar to pixelated bitmap images that many people would be familiar with.

Gothic Fonts on Dafont

Gothic Fonts Dafont image 2

The next major category on Dafont is the Gothic Font section. It contains font that looks like Gothic texts. As can be seen in the image above, the Gothic text gives your logo or text an ancient gothic look.

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