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10 Types of Mugshot Generators to Play Pranks

Mugshot Generators

Do you want to play a prank on your loved ones?

I’ve got an interesting idea for you.

Create Your Mugshot and prank them saying you’ve been arrested by the Police.

But how would you create a mugshot that’ll look believable to others?

That’s easy – Pick one mugshot generator from the list posted below and you’re good to go.

Mobile Fish Mugshot Generator

A Mobile Fish mugshot generator is a tool that can be used to create images of mugshots. You can use this to create a mugshot of yourself or an object or even a character such as Mario or Barney the Dinosaur.

The basic idea behind creating any kind of image is to take different colors and put them together in a way that looks good. With this in mind, I’ll recommend you go in three colors: black (black paint), white (white paint), and red (red paint).

Mugshot Me!

Mugshot Me is a simple mugshot generator that generates a single image. The image will include the subject’s name and date of birth, but nothing else.

This type of mugshot generator is ideal if you want your site visitors to be able to see what someone looks like when they are arrested by law enforcement in public places or online.

Mugshot Grid Generator

A mugshot grid generator uses a grid of pictures to create your mugshot. It can be used to create a mugshot collage, which is an array of images that share a theme or style.

A mugshot grid generator also allows you to upload your own photos into the system (using your computer or mobile device) and then organize them as you wish within the program’s interface.

You might use this feature if you want your friends and family members to send in their pictures so you can make custom-made photo collages for birthday parties or weddings – or just make one big collage with all their faces!

Mugshot meme generator

A mugshot meme generator is a tool that lets you create a successful meme with an image of a person and their personal information. A mugshot meme generator consists of two main parts: an interface where you can upload your image and personal information, and a text box where you can write whatever caption you want.

Once you’ve filled out all the necessary fields, you will be able to download the final mugshot in various sizes. This process is very simple as this tool demands your creativity.

Animated mugshot generator

An animated mugshot generator is a tool that allows you to create your own customized, animated versions of the standard mugshots.

These type of animations are often made in Adobe Flash and allow you to easily add text, images and sound files onto their generated image. You can also use these programs to make simple animations like changing facial expressions or mouths opening and closing.

Animated mugshot generators can be used for many different reasons including social media profiles, websites, newsletters or even presentations! Most people use them for fun but the applications are endless.

Fictional mugshot generator

A Fictional mugshot generator can be used to create a photo of a fictional character.

The purpose of the mugshot is to show the public you’re a wanted criminal and they can use the photo to identify you.

Movie/TV character mugshot generators

Do you like watching movies and TV shows?

Silly of me – Who doesn’t!

Then how about generating a mugshot based on your favorite character?

It can be based on a:

That seems like an evil brain at work. Isn’t it?

Mugshot with a funny name generator

A mugshot with a funny name generator is perfect for those looking to add some levity to an otherwise serious situation.

The funny name generator will generate names like “Burt Reynolds” or “Jennie Garth”, which can be used as either the full name or part of the person’s name.

Customizable mugshot generators

With a customizable mugshot generator, you can make your own unique version of a mugshot. You can customize the background, clothing, hairstyle, skin tone and gender of the person in the photo.

You can also change your age by clicking on an age category at the bottom of the page.

Photo-realistic mugshot generators

Next, you’ll find photo-realistic mugshot generators. These are similar to the standard ones mentioned in this post but have a higher level of realism. For example, they might use face detection technology to ensure that a person’s face is properly aligned with the mugshot.

They may also create realistic-looking backgrounds for your images so that they look like photos from an old police file or newspaper article about criminal activity. These generators can even include hairstyles and other accessories like glasses and hats in order to make them more realistic!

Another type of mugshot generator is one that allows you to enter information about yourself such as age, height, weight and eye color so it can generate a portrait more accurately based on those traits than others would be able to do without this information (which makes sense because we know exactly how old each person was when they were arrested).

Disclaimer: Once again, it’s important to note that since these generators are intended for entertainment purposes only (and not for malicious purposes).


So, after using these 10 mugshot generators were you able to prank your loved ones?

Or do you end up making a failed attempt?

Well, whichever way it is, do share your story with us in the comments section below.

Besides, if you need a similar type of creative prank idea, here’s a complete list of websites that’ll help you mess with your enemies.

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