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Never Miss Out These Top 5 Jira And Trello Alternative

If you are looking for the top Jira and Trello alternatives then this article has all the information you need.

Atlassian developed Jira to be a project management tracking software. Similarly, so is Trello. Many, many offices around the world use this to track their unit of work and have developed better operational management.

What’s even better with such project management tools is that you can customize the requirements of your workflow to the very detail. Giving you the cutting edge advantage over many of your competitors in the utilization of company time.

So, Here Are My Top 5 Jira And Trello Alternatives:

  1. Asana
  2. Redmine
  3. Wrike
  4. Confluence
  5. ServiceNow

You can utilize this set of software to fullest and their functionality is just as good as Jira and Trello.


Asana is a project and task management app that enables workflow communication and team management. You can use this app to create, assimilate and follow up on tasks assigned to team members from their devices. It is a very time-saving approach to project management.

Once you set up, Asana pretty much makes mails obsolete. The capability of making notes and follow the workflow eventually maintain deadlines for delivery, as everything is streamlined. Once you assign a task, Asana sign up receives notifications in their inbox and they are given a drop down options of replies to make sure they are always informed.

Asana as an app is free to use for up to 15 members. If you want extended features in a work-flow, or you need Administrator capabilities then you have to upgrade.


As a Jira and Trello alternative Redmine is a superb app. Redmine is free to use and open source, cloud project management, and issue tracking software. It enables users to manage a multitude of projects and collection of subprojects. In the features, you get per-project wikis and forums, time tracking and flexible, role-based access control.

It is an open source free hosting project management tool that is free to use too for your work-flow.


The reason why I chose Wrike as a Jira and Trello alternatives are because they took the winners spot at the Best Project Mangement Software Award for 2017. You get this award-winning software for your cloud project management in both co-related and distribution workflow.

The flexibility you get with Wrikeis that, you can create multifunctional groups to work together to get things done in a centralized manner. You can schedule, prioritize, follow up and update your tasks easily.

Google, Stanford University, Adobe, HTC, and EA Sports have all used Wrike for their project management utilities. Wrike is free up to an individual plan with up to five members. To avail more, you would have to upgrade to their paid plans.


You can create any workflow using a rich content editor located in your web browser. Whether you need to write product requirements, list your files, project plans, or making important notes, Confluence comes with all those features.

The user engagement for this tool is amazing, It gives you a very fast delivery in scheduling, prioritizing etc. But this software is fully not free. The pricing plans are defined by the number of users.



You can use ServiceNow to host Operation and Innovation Teams ( PPM Suite ). This also means you will be having one common tool. It helps embed all your data in one place and communicate with all your vendors accurately.

Giving you the capabilities to assign, schedule and follow up tasks and meetings. It also reflects the evaluation of decisions taken by project managers giving the team workflow a total streamlined quality. It also gives you accurate reports in real time.

ServiceNow is not free, there are various pricing plans available, as per your organizational requirement.

My Wrap Up

Having a team to head is not easy, but the above software helps you streamline the entire process and actually get work done on time. These were my top 5 Jira and Trello alternatives. If you think I could add more, do feel free to leave it in the comment sections.

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