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Best Postal Code and ZIP Code Finder Websites for US & UK

ZIP stands for Zone improvement plan and used to sort and deliver a large volume of mail. In simple words, postal codes and Zip codes are the part of the addressing system.

There is a specific Zip or postal code for each country, for each county, for each city and village.

In India, people call it PIN code, and if you are residing in the USA when you will call it ZIP code. But it is pretty tough to remember these impossible figures but don’t worry folks, no need to remember them.

There are various Zip codes sites exist which offer you the postal code for every location. If you are looking for the best postal code and Zip code finder Websites in the US and UK then you have headed on the right place.

Here we will suggest you the Postal code sites in USA and UK so let’s initiate our discussion and explore the best ones.

 Postal Code and ZIP Code Finder Websites for US & UK
Post code finder service in USA

Best postal and Zip codes finder site in the USA


To identify your Zip code in the USA you can visit USPS.COM as it is one of the best postal code finder sites there. It is pretty easy to find a zip code via this site. You have to fill in the fields with your address, city, and state and tap on Find to get your ZIP code.

2. United States Zip Codes

If you are looking for an area and don’t have the exact address then you can use United States Zipcodes. Initially, you have to begin for a postal code by inserting your address in the search field. After it navigates to map and choose it for grabbing your area.

3. Mapszipcode

If you are looking for a free reverse zip code finder tool then is the best for you. This site gives you the location and view on the Google map. If you are aware of the city or state then you can also find the Zip code here.

4. Zip-Codes

Zip-codes empowers you to find the zip codes and area codes. You will also get a few other tools situated on its sidebar. Indeed this site is the mixture of free and business offerings that’s why it is different from other sites.


This website is just like the other zip code finders we observe over the internet. You have to fill information like others via this service. Just insert the particular area within the US and it will offer you the exact Zip code. So folks if you are residing in the US then it may be the perfect option to find out the zip code of a particular area.

6. AZipCode.Com

No need to introduce this one as its name describing it. Another site to find out the Zip code in the USA and the website has secured the place in the top zip finder sites in the USA. To figure out a Zip Code you require to select “Find my Zip Code” option situated on the home page. If this process doesn’t work then you can switch to the manual process and this button is just below the “Find My Zip Code” button.

Best Zip Code and Postal codes finder sites in the UK

1. Royal Mail

If you are looking to know the postal code in the United Kingdom then I will suggest you find it via Royal Mail. It is quite simple to find and you just need to enter your street code, town or city and tap on Find Postcode. When you will type in the search bar you get suggestions for your ease.


Another Postcode finder website in the UK is POSTOFFICE.CO.UK and it functions almost in the same manner as the previous one. Here also you have to enter your city, area, or town code to find the postal code.

3. UK Postal Code

Another Postal code finder service in the UK is the UK Postal Code. You can find the postcode for a particular location on maps and address. If you want to get to know with the map then you have to point the particular location by clicking and with address bar you need to enter the address.

Well, guys, these are the best Postcode finder sites in USA and UK and I think you are ready to choose according to your convenience.

If you have the knowledge of any other Post code finder service located in USA or UK then please share with us.


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