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Enjoy Censored Sites On Your Android/PC/MAC With Psiphon

Internet have become our necessity like air, water and food and it becomes more difficult when we wanna search something and we can’t access the site, we want to reach. Suppose you are in such type of country where you can’t access internet. In that situation, what will you do? Psiphon is the revolutionary innovation which resolve all our hurdles for finding our favourite sites.

Psiphon is a free and open source restriction bypass tool, using the multiple communication and obfuscation technologies. Psiphon was developed by Citizen Lab in 2004. It was released for windows on 18 December 2016. Later it was presented for iOS on 16 August 2017. In 23 February 2018 it was released for android platform. Psiphon’s main goal is to support users in such type of countries where internet is censored. Doesn’t matter where you are, Psiphon will hook you to your target websites.

About 200 countries are connected with Psiphon. If you are unable to access your favourite website and also concerned about protection while using public Wi-Fi, Psiphon is the best tool for all of your queries.It is developed for giving you open internet access and does not harm to your privacy.

Features of Psiphon

Psiphon is the best app for encrypting our stuff and no one can infect our privacy. Before going for it, have a look on its amazing features that differentiate it from others.

Increased Privacy

Psiphon is a VPN service and VPN stands for annoumsly browsing that means you are quite safe even you are using a public Wi-Fi. With Psiphon you will enjoy a high level of privacy. You can escape from internet service providers, they can not track your activity.

Access Blocked Sites

Normally we are able to access the sites, we want to explore. It is rare condition when we come in contact with the sites, blocked in our country. Psiphon helped you to access the blocked sites easily.

Secure Browsing

Psiphon present you the plenty of online security. Your personal data like password, online transactions and messages get full security. It encrypt all your online activities.

Easy interface

The makers of Psiphon have made it user friendly. Its download and installation process is quite simple. You don’t of any kind of registration or configuration etc.

Wide Protocols

Psiphon works through a large number of protocols which offers exceptional access to everything you want.

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How to Use Psiphon on your Android for Fast and Secure Browsing:

Psiphon is easy to use app but many people still not aware using psiphon. Here is a tutorial for you and by following this you can setup psiphon for fast exploring experience on your android device.

  • Firstly you have to root your android device.
  • After rooting there must be sim card in your smartphone for getting signal.
  • Now its time to download Psiphon by using Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • After installing open it now you will see options and among of them select > Regional
  • After it you have to select Tunnel whole device
  • Its time to select by an HTTP proxy> Use system network setting
  • After finishing all the steps we can move to the internet network.
  • Finally you are ready for exploring the free online world by clicking Start button, on the Psiphon.
  • You have to patience until the Icon P Statusbar turned blue. After it Psiphon has been hooked to the internet.

How to Setup Psiphon on Your PC/Laptop/MAC:

As you know that Psiphon is made for android devices and if you want to enjoy it on your PC, plenty of methods available. Best way is to download through Android Emulator Software. An Android Emulator acts like a bridge which allows the android apps to perform on your computer. There are variety of android emulators but among of them Bluestacks is the best choice.

Here are the Few Steps to Install the BlueStacks :

  • Goto the official website of Bluestacks and click on the Download button.

  • Once the download is over click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  • Then click on the next button and accept the terms and condition.

  • You can just go to the default location for installation.
  • Now click on the install option to install the app on your device.

  • Then click on the finish button to open Bluestacks.

  •  After downloading Bluestack, install it.
  • After this process it’s time to download Psiphon APK file.
  • Then you can install it by double clicking.
  • Wait for few seconds and then Psiphon will install.
  • Now explore online world on your computer using Psiphon.

In fact Psiphon is the magic tool to unblock restricted sites as well as secure your personal information. It helps you in free and anonymous surfing and i think it is the best android app to deal with censored sites. Well..I love this tool and I explained all my experiences with you…still have any query regarding it, comment below. Your suggestions are also required and if you have ever used it then share your experience with us.




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