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How To Unlist and Remove Name From Truecaller – Unlist Truecaller!

When smartphones did not exist we had used landline phones and many times faced the issues of unknown calls. Based on my personal experience I would like to say that anyone could tease us but today truecaller have solved all these issues. With this app, you can see the contact details and location of the caller which can help you in certain cases. Doesn’t matter you are using this app or not but your number can exist on Truecaller. There is also a downside of Truecaller that everyone can access to your address and name as well. If you want to remove your name or unlist truecaller then we will suggest you the quick ways to unlist truecaller.

Remove Name From Truecaller – Unlist Truecaller!
How To Unlist and Remove Name From Truecaller

How To remove your name and unlist truecaller permanently?

This is the query of a huge group of people how to unlist truecalller. There are multiple ways to remove your name or delete your number from truecaller but here we will suggest you the quickest way to do same. But before knowing how to unlist truecaller you must aware of the functionality of Truecaller.

How Truuecaller ID works?

This is the topmost query of all the users how the Truecaller ID works? There are several views and assumptions on how truecaller id works? There is no magic behind the functionality of Truecaller and it functions on simple rules. Did you ever observe when you download truecaller that it asks you to allow access to your contact list? And after grabbing your permission it syncs all your contacts to truecaller’s server and like this Truecalller ID works.

How can you change your name on Truecaller?

If you wanna change your name on truecaller then you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Initially, you have to check the existing name on Truecaller
  • It is necessary that there should be a visible difference in your old name and the new name
  • Now you have to modify your name in at least 10 different phones
  • Now open truecaller and hit the refresh contact list
  • You have to wait for 7 days for changing your name from the truecaller database

How to delete your number and unlist truecaller?

First of all, I want to clear one thing that there is no difference between Delete your number and unlist truecaller. They both stand for the same purpose. If you wanna unlist truecaller then our guide will definitely assist you. Doesn’t matter what OS you are using, everyone can use this method to unlist truecaller.

Unlist truecaller permanently

  • Initially, you have to navigate the official website to remove your number from truecaller database
  • After opening the site you will notice the option unlist phone number
  • Then they will ask the number you want to unlist
  • It is time to enter the number along with the country code
  • Now hit the submit button
  • You have to wait for a few days to remove your number from truecaller database permanently

How to unlist truecaller if you are a verified user?

If you are a verified user then you have to deactivate your account first:

  • Initially open the truecaller app on your device
  • Here you will get three vertical dots and you have to tap on it for more options
  • From options, you have to choose settings
  • Under the support tab, you will observe about option, tap it
  • When scroll down here is an option deactivate the account
  • Tap on the YES button

Wrap Up

Truecaller is a good app and may be helpful in certain situations but if you wanna unlist truecaller then this guide will easily fulfill your desire. Still, any query regarding Truecaller then comments below and also share your experiences if you have ever removed your name from truecaller database. For more updates stay connected.


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