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Is Softonic Safe to Use in 2021?

Is Softonic Safe?

Whenever you have to download PC softwares and games the one site that always pops up in the search result is

For quite some time I have myself wondered:

✅Is Softonic safe to use?

✅Is it yet another scam website to steal your pricate information?

✅Or is it yet another platform to promote Malware and viruses to your PC.

Just like me if you have the same feeling about then read this complete post to find answers to all your questions.

Questions you might have wondered ll your life. Now, let’s get started:

Is Softonic Safe?
Is Softonic Safe?

What is Softonic?

Most of the PC software are based on either freemium, shareware or premium model.

Out of these three options freemium is the preferred choice for many.

Well, to be honest, this is sort of expected as most of the free software are better than the premium one’s.

So, why would you buy their premium subscriptions.

And despite some safety concerns, Softonic is one of the leading website to provide downloadable PC apps and games for millions of its users worldwide.

Ever since its establishment in 1997, the Spanish website based out of California, Softonic receives visits from over 100 million users every month.

It is also the only platform to drive more than 4 million downloads per day.

That’s great, isn’t it?

However, time and again, many legit concerns about Softonic and its legitimacy has surfaced on the web.

So, going forward in this post, I will try to address whether is safe or not.

Is Softonic Safe to Use?

In the desktop operating system segment, Microsoft Windows is way ahead of any other OS as it is whay ahead in the race with over 82% of the market share.

To be honest, there is no better candidate than Microsoft Windows at the top.

Do you know why do you know I am saying so?

I am saying this because it gives the PC user full freedom to install whatever they want in your PC. Unlike MacOS, the usage isn’t just restricted to the built-in app store.

However the same freedom can sometime come back to haunt you.

if you are not that much careful then the freeware software can increase the safety risk on your PC

Don’t you wanna know how?

Well, such unsafe softwares can come embedded with malwares, viruses codes and other serious safety concerns.

Once you’ve install that particular software, virus or malware is automatically installed to your PC

And is the prime example of this.

when in the early days I had never faced such issues, but now almost every user is reporting this issue with

In fact, today its score settles at 1.4 out of 5.

Some users even went one stwp further & reviewed the website with 1 star ratings.

This is what the had to say about

Con from Australia says, “Saw some positive reviews, gave it a shot and downloaded a file. All I got was 4 different malwares for my trouble. Thank god I pay for professional antivirus software.

Trustpilot Guardian from Brazil says, “Because of the ratings of “virus, malware” and other malicious stuff i am marking this website as Dangerous and not reccomended, most of these are “bootlegs, malicious websites.” this time, its kind of different to downloadastro, where i already suffered once but restored my pc, please do not enter this website from any recommendation such as youtube videos.

You can clearly see the anger and frustration for the website.

So, to answer your question once and for all,  I would never recommend you to use it on your PC.

Instead if you are seriously looking for a way to get premium PC software for free then the only legit way for you can be Software Giveaway Websites where you can win premium subscriptions in the form of Giveaways.

What are Some Free Softonic Alternatives?

Now that I have recommended to never use

You might be asking yourself off a question. If not Softonic then what?

That is a genuine concern and for that, these are some of the Softonic alternatives that you can use to download free software without putting your PC at risk:

✅FileHippo Software informer




✅Filehippo and much more

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove Softonic notifications from Chrome?

If you don’t want to receive any notification from softonic then you can simply block it by going into the website preferences and from the notification tab, directly blocking any direct access to notifications.

Is softonic safe to download games?

No, not at all. In fact, you won’t even find any popular game at Softonic.


I hope with this post has answered most of the doubts surrounding the Softonic website.

After this, it is up to you to install any software from softonic.

That is all for now.

Would you still use Softonic to download popular PC games and software?

Or do you have something else in your mind?

Well, whatever it is, do let me know in the comments section given below.

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