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Best Whatsapp Alternatives After Privacy Policy Update?

Whatsapp Alternatives

At the start of 2021 WhatsApp announced new privacy policy benefitting businesses at the cost of user privacy. If not accepted, the company warned the users that their whatsapp account will be deleted.

However this tactics went against their ways as many user slammed the company for the forcing nature of this new privacy policy

After getting criticism from all over the web, WhatsApp postponed the implementation of privacy policy to 15th of May 2021.

Now that the release date is around the corner many what whatsapp had announced new privacy policy and what would happen to those who do not accept then.

What Would Happen If You Don’t Accept Updated Whatsapp Policy?

Facebook owned messaging platform WhatsApp has informed that if a user does not accept the privacy policy their account would not be deleted.

Instead their Whatsapp account usage will be restricted when it comes to using most of its features

For instance you would not be able to access the chat list.

That means if you are unable to get your hands on the chat list you would not be able to send private messages to others.

This doesn’t mean that you would not receive any message. You will but after some time you would even stop receiving the messages and voice calls via notification

If you do not accept their terms and conditions you would be slowly but steadily kicked out of their messaging platform.

That’s unfair, isn’t it?

How to Accept Updated WhatsApp Privacy Policy?

Whatsapp Alternatives
Whatsapp Alternatives

Now that WhatsApp is playing out with your emotions, you are left with no choice but to accept their privacy policy.

Now, the first thing you might be thinking right now is how?

How to accept the newly updated privacy policy?

And one more thing would happen to those who had accepted privacy policy released in Feb 2021.

Well, the orginal privacy policy will be null and void after WhatsApp pulled it out for everyone.

Now, the updated privacy policy will roll out on May 15. After that you would receive application like this where you have to click on accept to comply with updated WhatsApp policies and continue using its features.

Should You Accept Updated WhatsApp Privacy Policy?

Well, I will be completely honest here.

Whatsapp Alternatives
Whatsapp Alternatives

No, you should not.

At the moment WhatsApp is trying to monopolize the market with their millions or even billions of active users worldwide.

If you comply with them now, then you never know tomorrow they might come with some new privacy policy, terms and conditions.

How would you push them away?

Now that you know my opinion, you might be thinking if not whatsapp, then what?

Well, you can use some of the other popular messaging platforms like Telegram, newly introduced signal app or even India’s very own Sandes App.

3 Best Whatsapp Alternatives


Telegram is the first WhatsApp alternative in this list and these are some of the pros and cons of using the messaging platform.


Telegram is a completely free app that does not show any kind of ADS just like WhatsApp.

  • It lets you broadcast messages to your content contacts.
  • It stores your Telegram messages and chats across multiple devices.
  • You can manage Telegram groups with the help of built-in bots.
  • In Telegram you can conduct polls, use stickers or share your live location with others.


  • No end to end encryption for charts, group chats, or voice chats.
  • Only secret chats are end to end encrypted.
  • No group video calls.



Signal is the second WhatsApp alternative in this list and these are some of the pros and cons of using signal app in your smartphone.


  • It is a completely free messaging app.
  • It provides even better encryption than WhatsApp.
  • Just like WhatsApp, signal app lets you use disappearing messages feature in the chat.
  • It keeps very less metre data.


  • You need a mobile number to register for the signal app.
  • The infrastructure of signal app is stored on Amazon Web services which is subject to legal demand from the US government.



Last but not the least WhatsApp alternative in the list is Threema and these are some pros and cons of using the Threema app.


  • You don’t need email account or phone number to start using the Threema app.
  • Just like the signal app it uses very little meta-data.
  • GDPR compliant messaging platform.
  • From group text to voice chat everything is end to end encrypted.


  • This is not a free app and you have to pay $2.99 both on android and IOS smartphones
  • It does not let you make group video calls.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Telegram secret chat safe?

Just like the regular chats its secret chat are stored on your device itself.
This means as long as your smartphone is safe your chat or secret chat is safe.

is signal more secure than WhatsApp?

Just like WhatsApp, signal app provides end to end encryption. So as compared to Telegram it is much safer to use and when it comes to the comparison. It provides features that you are used to on WhatsApp like stickers and emojis.

How much does the Threema app cost?

Well the popular German messaging platform will cost you $2.99.


I hope by now you have decided what you want to do next.

It is all up to you if you can’t live without WhatsApp or most of your contacts are still on WhatsApp then you don’t have any other choice than accepting the updated WhatsApp privacy policy.

But if there is even one percent chance that you can use the other two apps like signal or Threema.

Then don’t think too much and go for them.

That is all for now. If you have got any questions for me concerning WhatsApp privacy policy or either of the three whatsapp alternative apps then do let me know about them in the comments section given below.

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