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How to Buy Roblox Premium in 5 Easy Steps?

Roblox Premium Subscription

Roblox is one of the highest grossing video game of all time. What makes this game so much popular and awesome is that it lets you customise almost everything.

And when you get full freedom over its creativity, you get hang of the game pretty easily.

If you have played this game before then you might already know about its built in currency Robux.

When you are in the game, it is the only currency that is used to buy accessories, customise your character or even sign up for the Roblox premium subscription.

So going forward in this post I will share legit ways to purchase the roblox premium subscription.

Robux Pricing

Throughout this blog, I have shared free or illegal means to get robux in your game. But enough is enough.

I have come to realise that illegal stuff never lasts long.

So it’s important that you know how much robux costs in the real world.

Well, you can purchase Robux in 3 bundles.

The first bundle costs $4.99 per month and at that price you get 500 robux coins.

At the pricing of $9.99 per month you get a total of 1000 robux.

At last, you can get 2200 Robux per month at the fixed pricing of $19.99.

Benefits of Roblox Premium Subscription

Roblox Premium Subscription
Roblox Premium Subscription
  • Roblox premium subscription further comes in 3 tiers – Roblox premium 450, Roblox premium 1000, and Roblox premium 2200. The special benefits you get with the roblox premium subscription depends only on these 3 tiers itself and these are some of that benefits:
  • With Roblux Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier Subscription, you get 450, 1000 & 2200 robux per month respectively.
  • You can use roblox premium subscription to add up to 200 members in a server.
  • Depending on tier of Roblox premium you have purchased, you get bonus accessories for free.
  • Once you have the roblox premium subscription,  you are free to sell all your in-game wardrobe or everything else that you have in your inventory.
  • You get 10% additional discount on the every purchase you make in the game.

How to Get Roblox Premium Subscription?

The best way to enjoy roblox video game is when you get full control over the game and that is possible only even you have purchased the Roblox premium subscription.

There are many roblox Gamers who always look for some benefits when purchasing the premium subscription of Roblox or any other game.

Now to purchase the premium subscription plan, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. First open roblox video game on your PC using your login credentials and enter into the game.
  2. Once your into the game, head over to the roblox shop and right from the stop check out the list of available plans.
  3. Now out of the three variable, select the one that is the most suitable for you.
  4. Once the plan is selected. click on the banner button and you will be redirected to the payment gateway.
  5. At last, use the desired mode of payment to Complete the purchase of roblox monthly subscription plan.

Roblox Premium Monthly Plans

✅Roblox premium 450 is priced at 4.99 USD.

✅Roblox premium 1000 Is priced at 9.99 USD.

✅Roblox premium 2200 is priced at 19.99 USD.

Should I Buy Roblox Premium Subscription?

Roblox Premium Subscription
Roblox Premium Subscription

When making your first purchase in roblox, there are two things that you can do.

Get the in-game currency Robux seperately or purchase the monthly subscription plan.

Even you can see that the former option isn’t for your best interest.

You see, with the roblox premium subscription plan, you not only get same amount of Robux coins but also some additional benefits.

Benefits that will help you in the long run.

I had explained all the bonus benefits in the beginning of this post. So do check that out before you purchase its monthly subscription plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Richest Roblox Player?

It is David Baszucki who goes by the in-game username of roblox is the creator and the richest. roblox player of the world. He has got $186,906,027 worth of robux with him.

What is Premium Payout Robux?

If do you want to get robux for free, then it’s the legit way to do so as you get free Robux based on engagement level of your game. This means, the more engaging game will result in earning more premium payout.

How can I Cancel my Roblox Premium Subscription?

It’s simple. Open the Google Play Store with your roblox email ID. Then open the menu to select the subscription tab. Once you are in the subscription tab, find roblox video game in the list and from their simply cancel the active subscription plan.

Does roblox premium give me robux daily?

In the three subscription tiers, you get 450. 1000 and 2200 robux per month respectively. You receive these Robux points on a daily basis to your Roblox account.


I get it you are eager to get robux premium subscription plan. But it is better to be safe than sorry.

I would recommend you to read this post completely and see if the premium subscription plan fulfills all your needs.

If it does then purchase its monthly subscription plan.

And when purchasing the Roblox premium plan I would recommend you to turn off recurring payments.

If enabled, monthly subscription fees will keep on detecting from your linked payment method.

That is all for now. If you have got any question for me regarding roblox premium then do let me know about it in the comment section below.

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