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Richard Liu and Highlight Q3 Earnings; Explore Future Profits has long been one of China’s most dominant national e-commerce chains. Founded in 2007 and exploding in popularity by 2014, JD has become the third-largest international web business on the planet while also securing the mantle of China’s top outlet by revenue per year.

Established by Richard Liu, JD recently released its 2022 Q3 Earnings Highlight which took a long look at some of the biggest new updates within the company. As the business continued to build in its post-COVID atmosphere, Liu took time to highlight where the business has found its most strident successes.

JD Earnings Call, Highlights, and the Future

Building in size thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, JD has turned into one of the most prevalent online retailers in the (digital) world. With a nationwide network of shipment delivery systems, warehouses, and delivery trucks, JD has been able to weather many storms presented by both the pandemic and the economic climate that it has created.

Despite the struggles that the world has undergone in recent months and years, Richard Liu and CEO Lei Xu of were ecstatic about the growth that they have helped to foster. JD saw that its net revenue increased by more than 11.4% when compared to the same third quarter of 2021, reaching far past the $34.2 billion from last year. Service revenues also saw an increase of over 42% when compared to the year prior.

CEO Lei Xu said of the latest earnings call, “We are delighted to see substantial improvement in our growth quality this year.”

CEO Xu would go on to detail some of the challenges presented by the environment and the economy. Xu said in a conference call while discussing Q3 2022 data sets, “JD made a pre-emptive decision to focus on our core businesses since the beginning of the year while reinforcing quality operations and management, Wanda attaching high importance to business health.”

Focusing on Consumer Experience

User experience has long been at the forefront of the work done at Focusing on timely deliveries and accessible services, JD has been able to cultivate a customer base of more than 10 million active users in just the past quarter alone.

According to the latest earnings report, JD saw its annual active user base climb past the 588 million mark, driven in large part by high degrees of loyalty, purchasing power, and user engagement from so-called Plus Members.

The Plus Membership program was introduced by JD to help curate a more committed base of customers who were looking to maximize their spending power and website engagement. Sandy XU, CFO of, stated, “JD’s relentless focus on user experience, cost, and efficiency, has allowed us to continuously expand our user base while delivering profitable growth.

To continue soaring and excelling in the years to come, JD is focused on expanding its real-world economy and enterprise. JD has continued to invest in omnichannel business layouts, supply chain infrastructure, and marketplace ecosystem construction. JD saw its ecosystem score more than a 20% increase for the seventh consecutive quarter, fueled in large part by the introduction of its flagship FENDI store.

Lei Xu went on to say, “Jd’s involvement in intra-city business is based on user demand, not purely business growth opportunities.”

About Richard Liu

Richard Liu was born and raised in a small village far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. After receiving support from his village, both financially and otherwise, Liu would scrap together what little money he had to attend Renmin University. At school, Liu would begin to learn computer programming while focusing on business development and computer programming.

Now the leader at one of China’s largest e-commerce platforms, Richard Liu is uniquely focused on continuing to foster the growth of his business while developing the user experience. In 2011, Richard Liu was named the 2011 China Economic Person of the Year award for his efforts in e-commerce.

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