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6 Common Things you must know about Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity: Everything you need to know about Statue of Unity like how to visit the statue of unity, how much it cost to enjoy the beauty of the statue of unity, nearby transport facilities to visit this tourist place, what is the ticket price and other facts.

Statue of Unity: Interesting facts

With the Statue of Unity opened to people, there has been a wave of excitement felt among the Indians as well the foreigners. A tribute to Sardar Patel, the statue is a grand one that is, definitely, a delight to see and visit. With 182 meters in height, the Statue of Unity is the tallest statue in the world, leaving behind the Statue of Liberty in USA and Christ the Redeemer in Brazil.

With the holidays approaching there are many who would be wanting to make a trip to Gujrat to visit the grand statue, situated in the Narmada district. With the facilities in place, Statue of Unity is expected to draw a total of ten thousand tourist on a daily basis, at least in first few months following the opening. Here we have summed up a few things that are to be noted before you set out to this memorable journey:

 How to reach Statue of Unity?
Common Things Everyone must know about Statue of Unity

1. How to reach Statue of Unity?

In order to reach the Statue of Unity, one must be reaching Vadodara, From Vadodara it is 90 kilometers. One may also reach Ahmedabad. From there it is approximately 200 kilometers. If you are located in Mumbai or happen to vacationing in there, then you may ride for about 240 kilometers in order to reach there.

National Highway 48 will take you smoothly from Mumbai to Narmada district. In order to stay in there it is important that Tent City is known for which the Kevadiya town has been chosen. With the town being chosen as the adjacent housing and staying location, it has become one of the most discussed town in India.

2. What are the transport facilities?

After reaching the station or the airport there are numerous car services that will take us directly to the spot. It is important that a person reaches one of the main spots that include Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Surat. To make the journey an affordable one, it is advised that the train service is taken to the nearest stations.

The transport facilities are well developed and the place is well connected. It is easy to reach the place. One must get a fine idea of the place through internet and Google Map so that there is no confusion with route.

 statue of unity ticket price
What are the transport facilities to reach statue of unity

3. Where is nearest Bus Station, Railway Station & Airport?

Although there are no direct trains to visit the Statue, one may reach the railway stations that are near to it. These include the Vadodara. Baruch Ankhleswar and Miyagam Karjan.

If you are using the air, then it is advised that you reach the Surat airport and from there and book a car to the Kevadiya town. If renting a car becomes difficult, then the train could be used to reach one of the mentioned stations above.

 nearest Bus Station, Railway Station & Airport to statue of unity
statue of unity: World’d tallest statue

4. What are the nearby Restaurants?

There are many restaurant that have opened in the nearby area, more are yet to open. Food is an important determinant in visiting a place. There are local vendors as well as good restaurants that serve healthy and tasty food.

5. How much does the trip Cost?

Trip and its cost will differ based on the starting point. It is important to note the different kinds of tickets that are there for entering the Statue of Unity. The tickets are INR 350 per person with the children below the age of three having the privilege to enter free of cost. is the main site where the tickets are available.

The site opens at 9 in the morning. The ticket may be taken from the site. Online booking is suggested for the time being, as there could be immensely long queue for the ticket which may be tiring and exhausting. The hotels available may be checked personally for the price details. The prices will also depend on the seasons. The peak season may have the prices raging high whole a changes may be experienced in the other seasons.

The cost of the trip has been kept minimal and the entrance to the Unity of Statue has been kept at a very affordable rate, for all income groups. There is another ticket that are there for INR 120. This is the basic ticket that allows entrance to Valley of Flower, memorial, audio visual gallery and the dam.

6. What the important sections of Statue of Liberty?

The interesting to note about the statue is that it is not just a majestic statue to look at. The visitors will also be able to take the lift up to 134 meters of the statue where they can reach the gallery. As the statue is dedicated to the patriotic works and life of the Sardar Patel, the ‘Iron-Man of India’, there is an exhibition hall and museum that narrates the life and contributions of him to the country of India. Other main attractions in and around the statue include Sreshtha Bharat Bhavan, Valley of Flowers and Tent City. Tent City is at a distance of 4 kilometers and

The minds behind the statue knew the people and their love for selfies. Visiting a place like this, with no selfies is a thing never to imagine. In order to cater to the taste of the selfie lovers, there is a separate selfie point from where the view of the Narmada district is breath-taking. The view is one to capture with the Narmada River, Sarovar Dam, Satpura Hills as well as the Vindhya Ranges surrounding the place. There is an audio-visual gallery which will help in better understanding of the past and history.

The statue has been a subject or awe and ridicule, both, at the same time. With different people having different political outlook there are numerous news making heads. It is not an injustice to say that on visiting the statue one is only going to admire the grandeur the statue has. The statue is a fine amalgamation of art, aesthetics, and technology as well as the emotional endeavor to acknowledge the contributions of our very own ‘Iron-Man’, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

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