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Transform Your Video Content Into Text With Ease

Today’s digital world requires that companies and individuals capitalize on digital media and video content to share their messages. However, many businesses and content creators struggle to transform their video content into text, which can be lengthy and time-consuming. Fortunately, GoTranscript is here to assist. With its human transcription service, you can easily turn your video content into text in no time.

How GoTranscript Can Enhance Your Videos With Transcription

Videos are now a massive part of how businesses communicate, as it helps to foster connections with customers and prospects alike. To maximize the reach and impact of any video content you create, transforming it into text is critical. It aids in enlarging accessibility, especially for those with hearing impairments. At the same time, it makes the content easier to share via email or social networks. Below are ten advantages to transforming your video content into text with GoTranscript.

1. Optimize Content for Engagement

Reading through several paragraphs is much easier than watching a long video, and potential customers are more likely to engage with quick snippets that state your services or products. By transcribing your videos into text, you can easily skim through your content, grab the most important bits to post on social networks, or create a tease to prompt your viewers to watch your full video. It will draw in further views and increase engagement with potential customers.

2. Improve Reach and Visibility

Transcribe your videos into text to make them more accessible. Subtitles in video content can help increase viewership among those with hearing impairments. Likewise, it makes all transcripts SEO-friendly so that they rank on search engines. Most viewers watch videos with the sound off, so subtitles also grant greater reach as people can understand everything even without audio.

3. Enhance Content Quality

Video content transcribed into text ensures that your viewers get the full quality of that video, as they can understand its narrative. Transcribing videos helps provide added value and clarity for viewers who may have missed out on essential information within a video if no transcript was available. For instance, providing the transcription of instructional videos helps remove any possible ambiguity.

4. You Control How Your Videos Sound

Transcribing video enables you to control better the conveyance of your message in writing form, which could be quite different from how you may have presented it. It also allows revising any mistakes that may be present in the original video with a second set of eyes to make sure you are conveying accurate information.

5. More Durable Format

Video transcriptions are permanent and longer-lasting than video formats, which one can change or alter with time. A transcript helps to keep your message intact over time without the fear of it transitioning into a different narrative as time passes. Transcribers often save the output in a text format, making it easy to republish and store for archival purposes.

6. Wallet-Friendly Option

Video transcription can be cost-efficient if done by the right provider, as you will not need to pay for subtitles or any other digital costs. Human-powered transcription services are generally more accurate than voice recognition technology, and many providers offer discounts for bulk orders. With GoTranscript’s competitive pricing, you can receive quality transcription services at an affordable rate.

7. Easy to Access and Update

Transcript orders from GoTranscript are easy to open, access, and update whenever needed. You don’t need to download any additional software to access the transcript. You can also easily update your orders with additional information if further edits are necessary. For example, if you want to ask for a specific timestamping or need for names to appear in a certain way, you can do so easily through our platform.

8. Increase Production Efficiency

Rather than investing your time in transcribing the video, outsourcing to a human transcription service can shift that process to someone else so you have more productive hours. It will enable you to dedicate your focus and energy to creating quality content for audiences who engage with it.

9. Share Easily Across Platforms

Transcriptions of your videos make it easier to spread the word about your content on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn via email, articles, or newsletters. It also potentially helps increase viewership as you can share snippets of the video to create a small teaser, which may intrigue viewers to watch your videos further.

10. Higher Quality Indexing

Search engine algorithms prioritize webpages with text content, so having a transcription of your video helps ensure that search engine bots can properly index it and link back to your website. It strengthens your content’s visibility on the SERP and can increase organic traffic from Google or other platforms.


With GoTranscript’s human transcription service, turning video content into text is easy. By heading over to, you can optimize your content for engagement while improving the reach and visibility of your business. You will get complete control over how your message sounds in written form and ensure your content is accessible and indexed correctly on search engines. Get started today with GoTranscript’s video transcription services!

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