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WeTV: New World Of Entertainment You’ve Never Seen


A while ago I was looking for good movies or shows online. However, I was getting all over the same movies and shows I have already watched before. As a matter of fact, I have watched too much anime and it been a while I am into anime and because of that, I have a habit of watching the show as well as understand it while reading the subtitles.

Then I came across this website which was recommended by my friend, that is WeTV. Initially, I thought this is gonna be boring but as I started watching shows, it drove me crazy. Those shows recommended by my friends were so amazing on WeTV. I also check if these shows may be available on other websites or apps. But no they were not.

This is where the original and popular shows, dramas and variety shows come to watch! WeTV presents selected and top-hit shows and dramas that you can watch with a premium experience.

Technical Brief

App Download Version –

Last Updated – Oct 12, 2019

Apk Size – 26M

App by – Image Future Investment(HK) Limited

Category – Free Video Players & Editors App

Content Rating – TeenDiverse Content: Discretion Advised

Support Android Version – Android 19 and above

App Package – com.tencent.qqlivei18n

Features of wetv

Category selection – you haven’t seen anything like this before. The categories are pretty much separate for each type of content such as for movies, dramas, and variety shows that are categorized in different pages and different subsections. Wetv makes sure that you could get the content that you are looking for by providing a specific category that you want to explore more.

Continue to watch – one thing that everyone hates the most is when you left your movies or show in the middle and come back to watch after some time or day but it won’t be there. For that purpose, my friend the Wetv has the feature of resuming your video wherever you left the last time

Video Definition – Depending on your request, you can pick different video qualities. You can pick 360P to save your data if you watch with cellular data. To improve the viewing experience, you can also appreciate Blu-ray image quality (Full HD). Blu-ray quality is something that everyone likes to watch on. If you go for Blu-ray quality, you may need some bucks to purchase it

Subtitles – this one the most awesome feature of all of them. It supports multiple languages and subtitles that will give you more convenient to understand the story of the show. You can switch between the languages as you like during the video surfing.

Screen control – On-screen controlling is amazing too, you can simply use your fingers to change your brightness or the screen or the volume up and down as your comfort. You can also skip any part of the video such as intro part or any other scene that you don’t want to watch. All you need to do is swipe and the job is done.

WeTV app

Wetv has its own beautiful and amazing website. You can type in the name of the site and it will redirect you to the official website. There you can experience very smooth surfing and search for your shows. The user interface is too convenient to use and watch even though you are a fresh face to wetv.

Furthermore, you do not want to keep going for the website and want something, even more, simpler than just go for the wetv application. You will get an apk for this website. You can get the application from the playstore itself.

How to sign up?

There are two ways to watch the shows and movies on this website. On is free of without signing up and the other one is by signing up. By signing up you will get some extra features such as download options and some other features. The main thing is how you going to sign up. You have a couple of options for that. The first one is your facebook account, the second one is your LINE account and the third one is by using your cell phone number. 

WeTV shows

Some show that you might like to watch it on your weekend or with your friends. These are some of the recommendations for you to watch

  • My Girlfriend is an Alien
  • All I want for Love is you
  • Love is Deep
  • Pretty Man S2

For more, you can go and check out their official website

WeTV on android

Many of you are looking for the apk for this website right? Well, that will be too easy. It is available on google playstore on your smart device. If you have iphone then it will be a disappointment for you.

The developer hasn’t announced any release for IOS devices. if you want to download it from playstore then it’s fine, but also you can search for the app on google and it will give you the very first like to download wetv. To install the application you need to follow these steps as mention below

  • Firstly, open your google playstore on your phone
  • Then type in wetv
  • It will show the icon and the name with it
  • Tap on it and wait till it downloads
  • Once download start the installation process
  • After that, you can open it and sign up to start your watch

Frequently asked Questions | wetv

Q: is it free of cost?

A: yes, you will save some bucks on this website

Q: do I have to sign up for watching shows?

A: not mandatory to sign up

Last words

From my experience with this website, this is a good site with some awesome shows, I mean most of them are amazing to watch. I would recommend you to watch some of them at least. It is like something different to try and it will be worth your time if you do like the drama and romantic show and movies too.

If you can’t read very fast as the speed of the subtitles that you gonna miss some of the punchlines and moments. Go and check out the app too for more ease watching. Any queries or questions related to this post? Tell us in the comment section below.

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