What Makes Online Games Click?

The gaming industry has been around us for a while now. Whether, it was grabbing those game CDs or downloading games or even playing those free games that came loaded with Windows, online games have been around us for a while.

We started with playing Pinball and Solitaire and have now progressed to PS4 and Xbox that gives us fantastic visuals and even help us enjoy the gaming mechanics. What is making the players come back for these, action packed and high intensity games that of course come at a cost? Well, to sum it all up, it is the Thrill offered by this entertainment option. Whether it is the mobile game apps or the gaming consoles, both are a rage and it is this passion and excitement around games, that has made it among the biggest booming industries of today.

What Makes Online Games Click?
What Makes Online Games Click?

The Social Element

Our fast-paced world has not left much time for our social engagements, right? It is the internet that keeps us connected and aware of what’s happening in the world of our friends and family. Well, it is also the biggest community for all game lovers. Whether it is through YouTube or gaming forums, communities or even playing with live players, it is the easiest way to find gamers and enjoy a challenging round of game right from the comfort of your home. Right from Facebook, Twitter to communities like Quora, there are gamers who are talking, sharing and expanding their knowledge in this field.

Think of traditional board games like ludo, and online rummy that we have seen from our childhood. What it has now become is digital. You don’t have friends to play a round of cards or bring out your board game, take it online. There are live players enjoying the game and the thrill of winning and competing with players who are as excited as you for playing it, is altogether different.

These online games welcome players across the country and even the world to come together on one platform and chat, devise strategies and even have one-on-one fights. There are also the MMORPG games where hundreds of players are playing at the same time and the player with the best ability wins.

Play on Any Platform

One of the biggest advantages of online games is, they can almost be played on any platform like mobiles, tablets, computers and even the game consoles. This makes it super convenient to pick a game on one device and close it on some other device. So, there are no hardware limitations or downloaded software on a fixed device. If you have a stable internet connection, you can game on. This makes players open to picking the games on any platform and enjoying it in the free time.

Entertainment can’t be about restrictions and expecting players to play within a time frame, device limitation or any other restrictions is asking for a bit too much. Today the players expect the maximum from the gaming world and this has further led to the growth of digital games.


We can broadly categorize games into two segments. One is where you have to buy games and not all of these are cheap. The other option is the online games that you can play either for free or at a small price. Even games like real cash rummy, where a player is winning real money for each game, is not expensive. So, you invest around 10 to 20/- and win in thousands. With internet connection quite affordable and stable country wise and of course a range of mobiles to get you started, online games are quick, affordable and fun all at the same time.

The Card Game Industry

The online card game industry has not really been affected by the market trends or the economy. However, in the recent past, it has been one of the biggest revenue drivers in the gaming industry. What has led to this boom is the acceptance of playing card games without the social taboo, the secure online platforms, and the easy access on any device along with round the clock live game availability. Players are no longer hesitant in playing online card games nor mind adding some cash to their games. As per the KPMG report, the gaming industry will touch Rs. 11,880 CR by FY 2023 and one of the biggest drivers are the card games.

The Big Challenge

One of the core thrills that any game offers is a challenge for you, as you complete a level or win a tournament. Winning the game or the round is the key point that drives all online games. If you are playing offline digital games, you are fighting against Artificial Intelligence, which after a point gets boring. However, with online games, you are competing with real players giving you an arcade feeling with a more natural game experience.


Online games are definitely one of the best forms of entertainment that is teaching you something or the other with each game. It’s dynamic, captures the thrill and of course keeps pushing the players to improve their gaming skills.