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A Gift Giving Guide For The Nintendo Switch Nut In Your Life

If the last Nintendo game you played was Diddy Kong Racing, you’ve missed out on a wealth of Nintendo games and consoles. Six generations exist between the N64 and Nintendo’s most recent release, the Switch, and even more games.

Your inexperience with Nintendo’s current lineup leaves you at a disadvantage when shopping for a Switch gamer — but that’s okay. This guide offers up some excellent Switch-inspired gifts, so you can seem like you know exactly what you’re doing this holiday. From stylish accessories to practical tech, these items will impress any gamer on your list.

Switch Backpack

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The Switch is Nintendo’s first 2-in-1 console that works just as well as an at-home system as it does a portable handheld device. It’s meant to tag along with the player’s day, so they can squeeze in some gameplay during lunch or their commute.

While many players throw their Switch into any old knapsack or briefcase, it leaves the console to float aimlessly in a bag shared by sharp objects. It can end up looking worse for wear if this ends up being a common practice.

To save your gamer the heartbreak of unsightly cosmetic damage, wrap up an Elite Player Backpack. As the name suggests, this is for serious gamers who want to take their Switch everywhere. The backpack can carry the console, dock, pro controller, cables, headphones, games, and up to six extra Joy-Con in snug compartments, so there’s no risk of damage. It also comes with a generous center compartment, making it a good substitute for regular backpacks when they need to travel or grocery shop.

Hylian Shield charm

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The Breath of the Wild is Nintendo’s best-selling game to date — and it’s best rated, too. In fact, it outsold Switch consoles when the system and game were both released back in 2017. If your gamer is like most Nintendo fans, then they have a soft-spot for Link from the Legend of Zelda. (But really, who doesn’t?)

This small zipper charm of Link’s Hylian Triforce shield is a subtle nod to their love of the game. It attaches easily to most zippers (perhaps one on the Elite Player Backpack) and other secured clasps, giving them free-reign on how they want to show off their allegiance.


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An immersive surround sound experience isn’t always possible when playing the Switch. Common courtesy means they shouldn’t play their Switch at top volume during a crowded commute. Meanwhile, their modest at-home set-up may not offer the best acoustics.

Headphones can help solve both issues. They offer privacy when a gamer needs to play quietly, and they can wire high-quality, surround sound when a gamer wants to lose themselves in the game. The Bose QuietComfort 35 is a great pair of over-ear headphones that transition well from gaming to everyday listening. They come with Bose’s noise cancellation that helps drown out ambient noises while playing or listening. The set comes with volume-optimized EQ and up to 20-hour battery life when left unwired.

Switch skin

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Unlike the dark grey of the N64 you used to have, the Switch comes in bright colors like neon yellow, neon pink, and neon green. If you think that’s a lot of neon, then you’re right. These brilliant colors are the only alternative to plain black, giving little way for creative integrity for those who prefer a subtle color palette.

For that, you’ll have to wrap up a Nintendo Switch skin. Otherwise known as a decal, they fit over the console, dock, and Joy-Con or Pro controller to show off a customized design. Companies like dbrand make them as a multi-purpose accessory that stylizes the device with grip-enhancing materials that protect it from scratches and grime build-up. You can get a Switch skin in rugged black camo, sophisticated honeycomb matrix, or a variety of vibrant colors that aren’t neon — giving your gamer a unique and chic way to stand out.

Zelda relief mugs

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Sometimes those weekend-long campaigns require beer and pizza. Sometimes they require caffeine to help them get through hours staring at the screen. If your gamer is more of a Colombian roast drinker than a Monster energy drink fan, then a set of these Zelda relief mugs would be an on-brand addition to their late night or early morning plays. Showing off a sepia-toned map of Hyrule, these mugs display the mountains, wastelands, and castles of the game in loving detail.

Though you may have left behind the life of the gamer, it’s no excuse to give bad gifts. Surprise and delight the gamer on your list by leaving one of these presents under the tree. Whether you pick just one or you add several to your cart, these hand-picked presents will show your gamer how much you care.


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