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Age of war 2, 3 and 4 hacked | Features


You must be obsessed with a lot many games available in the same genre as the royal battlefield. Age of war hacked 2, 3, and 4 are one of the series of this same genre. However, its theme and the mainstream fight are quite different than other games available in the same genre.

In the game of age of war, there are 5 different ages. You actually need to show the age advancement more than your enemy to win the game. The developers of the game have got the taste of the audience. They knew that market is already highly competitive.

They need to do something different to target the audience of the same genre. They not only worked in designing and developing something unique from others. Rather they focus to provide un-match high-quality graphics of the game and amazing soundtrack.

Features of Age of war


Age of war designers worked on designing it with all the detailing of different ages and eras. It has high-quality graphics which works on any kind of internet connection.


It gives you the perfect feel and boosts you to play the game with full enthusiasm. The audio played in the game works fantastic when you play it while plugging-in the headphones.

Different ages, modes and levels differentials

The developers of the game perfectly understood that it is the need for time to survive in such a highly competitive market. There were already many numbers of battlefield games available that had a larger user base already.
Convincing those users to play a very new game was impossible without making such a twist in the royal battle. So the developers, designed and developed this game in a very unique way and divided into many different stages as ages, modes and different levels.

Ages in age of war


This mode is based on the future which means atomization and modernization. You should need to know about future prospects. This phase is a bit tough as you don’t have any idea of what it has kept for you and what it is going to offer you.
Definitely, destroying your enemy by killing and damaging their assets is the only way to conquer. However, all these things go hand in hand when it comes to completing a stage and proceeding to the next one.
The weapons in this stage are very advanced which results in maximum damage with a single attack. The main features of this stage are robotic soldiers, blaster troops, Space marine, Assult mech.

Stone Age

Stone Age is the very basic stage or mode in the game. The difficulty level of this stage a very basic that evens a beginner can defend and retaliate with the enemy. However, the graphics of the game are super awesome and no other change in the rules to play the game.


This stage is one of the most haunting stages in the game, as the weapons and tools available to attack the enemy are the most dangerous ones. There are different kinds of cannoneer, duelist, and musketeer. You can select your team from these available soldiers and strategize accordingly.
In this stage, there is a special kind of attack which is known as an unhappy king’s special attack. Many different kinds of cannons available which you can use to attack and defeat your enemy.


This age of war is based on Egyptian civilization. You can witness the initial to end-stage of that civilization. However, everything else will be the same as other royal battle games. You need to defeat your enemy to win the battle game.
The castles designed in this stage are the most beautiful part. You need to protect these castles from your enemies. These castles are more prone to damages than damage to your team and weapons.
You need to modernize yourself as well as protect your soldiers from enemies. You can defend your soldiers, revive them and retaliate back. However, everything will be based on Egyptian civilization.


This stage of the game is much similar to the Egyptian age, but a little bit of difference in both. However, this stage has advanced weapons, tools, and types of equipment. You can see the advance of modernization in this stage than the Egyptian stage.
Another most important feature of this game is that soldiers fought bravely with the enemy till their last breath. Their survival and the revelation is much better than the soldiers of other stages. The Spartans are even capable to face the enemy anti-armored as well.


Modern age in the game denotes to the European army. It is based on either the Persian Gulf era or the Iraq war era. However, the war fair is quite modern than the other ages of war in the game. There is 3 kind of troops from which you can choose, as Rifle infantry, IFV, Scouts.
You can choose any one of these to fight against your enemies. The vehicles in this stage are far different than the tanks.


Medieval age demonstrates the era of the 5th to 15th centuries in the game. Weapons, vehicles, and tools available for the game are based on the tools available in that era. It is just a pure kind of fantasy design.

Age of war hacked unblocked

  • The most important hack for the age of war is that you need to defeat your enemy.
  • Your team must be strong enough who can work as per your strategy.
  • You need to earn a maximum number of coins and prizes to make in-app purchases.
  • You must need to have the royal prizes and some cash to make a purchase for the best of the available soldiers, weapons, tools, and properties.

Age of war hacked apk

This game was earlier available for Play station or PC only. Now as per the need of time, the developers have launched it to be played on android devices as well. You can simply download it from the Google play store app.


I have listed all the details of the game. I would rather recommend you to install it on your phone if you are bored of already existing royal battle games. Feel free to comment here to share your experience with the game.

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