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Switched-On Brands Are Already Web Scraping

Web scraping

Almost all companies are using web scraping software to scrape data and expand their businesses. However, how to collect useful data for your business effectively? The answer is simple; by using an ideal web scraping software.

Before diving into some of the data scraping techniques used by the switched-on brands to gain a competitive edge, we need to understand the basics of web scraping.

Web scraping
Web scraping

Web Scraping Software: What Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is not new for those who are in business. Many companies today are using tools to collect information to improve their ways of conducting business. Web scraping is a process that entails obtaining data from a given website. The process uses intelligent automation to collect vast amounts of data from the web.

What is the reason for using a scraper to obtain data when you can get all the information you need from the internet for free? That is right, data is available online, and it’s free. However, how long will it take to obtain large chunks of information? Probably months if not years. A scraper will collect such data within the shortest time possible. Check Oxylabs’ blog post for more information.

Web scraping requires a web crawler and a scraper. A crawler is an artificial intelligence that will access through the web for indexing purposes. It assumes the leadership role of leading the scraper through the internet as it collects data. On the other hand, the scraper is a bot designed to collect data in a fast and accurate way. In terms of design and complexity, they vary from one tool to the other since they are usually designed for different purposes.

Importance of Web Scraping Software: Why Do You Need to Scrape Data?

What is the importance of web scraping software? Web scraping is not meant for convenience but for building, empowering and transforming businesses.

Here are some of the ways you can use a scraper to transform your business:

Web Scraping for Market Research

Today a lot of business is carried out online – the internet has revolutionized the industry. In the same way, marketers have taken the market research craft a notch higher. Without taking the time to learn and analyze your market, you don’t stand a chance.

There is no better way of studying your market than using a data scraper as it will collect lots of data within a short time. For effective market research, you can target your competitors or even use social media to obtain useful data.

Web Scraping for Travel Fare Aggregation

If you are a fare aggregator, then data scraping is necessary. You have to obtain current data from different sources, including:

  • Travel agencies
  • Bus and train service providers
  • Hotel and flight sites, etc.

Such data is all over the web. To become an all-one solution site, you have to get the right scraper to collect the data and bring it under one roof. You also need a tool that will always keep an eye on changing rates and update your site accordingly.

Web Scraping for Pricing Intelligence

The e-commerce market is all about competition. The business entity offering high-quality products at the fairest price always enjoys the largest share.

Look for a scraper that will react to changes in price and adjust your store accordingly. This way, you will always be a step ahead of your competitors and drive volumes of sales your way.

SEO Monitoring

All businesses are striving to rank higher on search engines. A scraper can help you do so by collecting all the information you need to rank better on your preferred search engine. Such information includes:

  • Consumer search queries
  • Best ranking keywords
  • Competition analysis, etc.

Things to Look Out for When Acquiring a Data Scraping Software

Not all tools are the best for your business. Here are some of the things you need to consider when buying a scraper:

  • Go for a scraper that is easy to use.
  • Buy software from a provider who offers a lot of learning material.
  • Go for a provider offering cloud service.
  • Get the best scraper at a reasonable price. The cheapest tools are usually not the best.

Final Words

Web scraping is dominating the business world. Don’t be left out when all the switched-on brands have ventured into data collection. Many sites, however, have taken all the necessary measures to protect their websites from scrapers, especially those with corporate IP addresses. Proxies make data scraping hassle-free.

With the best proxies, you will be able to collect data anonymously without the risk of your web scraping software being blocked.

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