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Latest Skype Update | Read Receipts Feature

Here comes the new Update version of Skype. This is the most popular app that we can use for video chat. With this app, we can connect to the people all over the world. This app was better than the other video app and the features are so useful. The video quality was so good. In this app, we can also create our own profile. Purchases and payments are available in this app. We can use this app as a video calling interviews. We can use this app to the mobile also. Before jumping to the Skype latest update let us first take a look at the features of the previous update. And this will give us a brief idea about the changes that are being made.

Previous Update of Skype:

The previous versions of Skype have the features that you will get in other messaging apps such as Text message, video call, voice call, sending documents, sending multimedia, etc. These are all the all the features that you will get in the previous versions of this app. All these features are important in various ways to keep up with the other apps that are there in the market. They also include some of the new features with the older one to maintain the pace with the market. All these features and new updates have made Skype the best app on the market today. In the next segment, we will look after the skype latest update in 2018.

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Latest Update of Skype :

According to Microsoft the read receipts features will enable you to know who has seen the message you sent. Whenever someone sees the message an avatar appears under it so that you can get to know how much your partner has read the message. This feature is available in one on one chats or group of fewer than 20 people. You can test it on the insiders who are on the latest inside build.

But for those people who are not that much impressed with the read receipt idea and fearing the danger of being caught of reading messages. Not to worry there is a possibility of disabling the feature. According to Microsoft, there is a possibility of disabling the features and keep them invisible from others.

This update can be installed on all the leading platforms where people use skype such as Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Skype, as you know, is one of the most popular messaging apps. It is among the first apps that can be used for video calling and voice feature on the internet. And the latest update of this app that I have written above is useful for many people but for those who want to stay hidden you can disable it. So without further to do update it and find out yourself and let us know in the comment section.

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