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4 Excellent Choice of Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Service Proivders for Carriers with 1 to 25 trucks

If you are a truck driver or own a fleet of truck, you know that the FMSCA recently made it mandatory for all trucks to have ELD device systems on them. So you’re either here to know more about the new ELD technology or because you simply want your trucks to be compliant with the ELD Mandate.  In case you belong to the ‘ I am Forced into ELD” team, scroll down right away to read the 4 Excellent Choice of Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Service Providers for Carriers with 1 to 25 trucks.

ELD Devices have somehow earned a bad reputation. Although it takes a bit of time to get used to ELDs, they are very much more efficient for your trucks than those old fashion paper logs. Here’s our list of the Best ELD Devices in the market for 1-25 truck carriers.

1. Keep Truckin ELD Device

Keep Truckin is definitely the best budget ELD service provider out there. It has tonnes of great features and value for the price, and it is very user-friendly. One of its major attractions it’s unique price system – there is no upfront amount, you just have to make an installment of a mere $35 every month to Keep Truckin over three years. The Keep Trucking device is very easy to operate. The app has a great interface and is very direct. It also offers a DOT inspection mode, and if the driver were to get in an accident, it would send you pictures. It also offers some great advanced telematics features. For more info on this great ELD service provider, check this keeptruckin review.

2. Garmin eLog ELD Device (No Monthly Fee)

Garmin is quite popular for its technologies in GPS tracking, navigation, data recording, as well as data sharing. Nowadays a lot of truckers are selecting this one as an ELD option. Funnily enough, over the years the Garmin might even pay for itself—and its many other premium features will definitely be worth the value. The Garmin eLog™can easily be integrated in any standard 6 or 9 pin data port, and it will start working the moment you plug it in. It is tough and built to last. You can access the data via both USB or Bluetooth for quick sharing. Using Garmin the driver can get personalized updates and reminders for breaks and remaining time not only through the device but also through the smartphone/tablet app. And when it comes to the FMSCA mandate, the Garmin collects necessary data regularly at frequent intervals.

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  1. Stoneridge EZ-ELD Device

The Stoneridge EZ ELD has all the bells and whistles. It can store over six months of  consecutive data, as EZ is all about quality and technical capabilities. Therefore for as long as you have an internet connection, all data can be recorded and analyzed in a “back office” computer. EZ has superior connecting capabilities and gives you a selection of all the adapters you may require. Stoneridge is a brand dedicated to CMV equipment and fleet management and stands true to all the needs of not only the driver but the company and the truck fleet as a whole.

With stoneridge, you can easily access, copy, store, and modify data whenever you need it, the way you need it. The back office teams can directly send working logs to every device. When compared to Garmin, Stoneridge offers a lot of better features — the EZ ELD is a product streamlined to service an entire company. Stoneridge offers the device at 169$ along with a monthly subscription charge of 15 dollars.

  1. My20 ELD by Konexial

You can get the My20 device for almost the same price as that of Stoneridge, excluding some minor exceptions. The actual ELD would cost you significantly lower about $45, compared to the costlier Stoneridge. Stoneridge offers its software at a monthly subscription of $15 per month, including back-office software to manage your fleet, as well as Konexial that can be used to spilled your subscription into two separate subscriptions. Moreover, the initial software cost is included for the first three months of service for the basic My20 package. So you will pay only $45 for the first three months’ service, as well as the hardware. This way you will save over $124 in the first three months compared to that of Stoneridge, as long as you take the basic membership plan.

The basic subscription to My20 is inclusive of the driver-only software which will make the subscription fulfill all important requirements in compliance with the FMCSA’s mandates. With the basic subscription, the drivers can also log into the device and keep a track of their Hours of Service as well as share their work hour timesheets and other important data to others via email, print, upload, or Bluetooth. They can also send and receive this date along with that collected from the Engine Control Module (ECM), and share it with any law enforcement official or management group.

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